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February 6, 2014

Nip and Touch: Home Service Massage and Sparty!

A massage, is like a good.. uhm, intimate act.. the one that makes you just want to lay in bed after a good rumble. Until the next morning that you wake up feeling good and refreshed.

It rarely happens though. I mean, the good massage. Sometimes, I feel that you need to be compatible with your masseuse to enjoy that "moment" or maybe, there are just really talented and skilled masseuse - and they are rare. And when you found them, you still have to leave them, get clothed, give them a tip and go home. It feels like a one-night stand. Don't you just hate that (read first paragraph)?

We discovered this new business called Nip and Touch and they offered really, really, really good massage. We got to try their services through a Sparty that was held in Orchid Garden, Manila where they are also provideing in-house massage services.

Here's the big surprise, Nip and Touch don't just offer massage services - but also, basic manicure and pedicure, foot scrub, threading, and even waxing. 

Click Read More to know more about Nip and Touch Services..

While I was waiting for my turn for the massage, I tried the manicure and foot spa with pedicure.

I love that the girls come prepared with food spa machine.

I did a little interview with madam, and she shared that they are all trained to do massage, pedicure, waxing and threading. Impressive skill sets!

She did my nails so lightly, and I even got a free taste of the massage - I couldn't wait for the real thing!


I was told that Nip and Touch is owned by all-male business partners who are into martial arts. They thought it would be good to have a business where they can also come to relax and be pampered. So there goes the Nip and Touch history. 

It was my turn for a full body massage. Like a certified massage-whore, I undressed and laid on the bed..

Everything happened here. 

She is good - really good. My friends who went out of the bedroom said so (I was the last one to get the massage). I had this really painful and heavy humps (lamig) in my back that I felt like baggage from the work that I used to do. I wanted them all broken and crushed. 

What she did was surprising.. it felt like she gathered them all together in my shoulders, and crushed them like a mad woman. I felt pain - a good pain. By the time she was already massaging my head, I was already in the lalala-land.

Then, BAM! Reality hit me - I need to go home (which brings me back to the intro of this blog entry). 

The good news is, Nip and Touch offers home service massage within Makati area (now, I need to relocate to Makati!). 

Next time, I will try their Ventosa Cup Massage. 

Here's our pretty nails! 

 We were happy kids!

with Jo here. ;)

 (unfortunately, Nikko had to run back to the shoot of MadTV - please do catch the podcast!)

Massage Service starts at Php250 (They offer Swedish, Shiatsu, Thai, and Ventosa).
Waxing price starts at Php300
Threading price starts at Php150

Want to experience Nip and Touch? They do home service and can accommodate sparties too!

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