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When Someone Walks Out of Your Life

February 24, 2014

.. without explanation, without goodbye – that must be the worst feeling in the world. It is not losing someone or having your heart broken, or the in-your-face rejection.

I don’t know why I am having this conversation with myself now (and with a friend over a chat in Facebook).It must be the effect of the film I have just seen – (yes, Starting Over Again). My friend recommended that I see this movie – and I did. 
I have read articles that list the kind of people that we should be shutting off in our lives. Maybe, there are people I have unknowingly shut off in my life (temporarily) – even if there are social media that supposedly connect people – I may not always be visible in their timelines the same way that they may not be always on my feeds. But good friends will stay good friends. I remember what my High School friend has written in my slumnote (slumnotes are fun!):

“I may not be always here for you, 
but I will be there when all the others walk out. “

That changed the way I see friendship. I got hundreds of friends in my Facebook, and they sure have hundreds (or maybe thousands) but I wouldn’t know recent updates on their lives. Does it make me less of a good friend? I hope not. I wish to connect to everyone of them, but reality is screaming that even if you connect with them, there may be some who might have put me in their people-to–shut-off list. I would never know. 
My good Indian friend once told me:

“You stay connected with the people who are important to you”
I am happy that despite distance, differences in culture, religion and color, I and this Indian friend stay connected. 
But then, there are people in your life who just don’t want to connect with you (remember the shut off list) – no matter how many likes and comments you have given them, and messages you have sent them (and the dreaded “seen” will show in the chat window). 
That, is the worst feeling in the world. 
It is easier to move on knowing what you don’t have, what you cannot give, and what went wrong. It is easier to digest the goodbyes and rejection with alcohol and sad love songs – rather than think of reasons why this person just suddenly walks out of your life and left your world with a mystery. 
Has someone walked out of your life without a reason?
Why would you walk out from someone’s life?
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