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Go, Ask Diego

March 29, 2014

My nephew graduated yesterday as class Valedictorian. A surprising fact that I learned last week, as I know he is the type that takes studying lightly. I thought of his younger years and how smart, witty and inquisitive he was then. I missed the younger kid.

Yesterday, I came across this fan page “Ask Diego” which features a very smart kid (I think he is around 7 years old?). The fan page is more like an advise column where people can post questions and Diego will answer them.

In a span of a week, the page now has 86,000 likes (that beat my blog’s fan page! Haha). I couldn’t resist how cute and adorable he is, so I am joining Diego’s fans club 🙂

As expected, people posted a lot of questions – from how does pancreas work, how to know if someone likes you, and what kind of career to choose. And yes, Diego tries to answer them all. The fan page is transparent as Diego notes if Daddy and Mommy helped him in answering the question.

Diego’s most recent post is a video! He is so adorable!

It is still unknown to me who is the team behind this fan page, what is the goal, or (like my friend says) the purpose.. but it sure gives a good entertainment to netizens.

I know you are as curious as I am, so go ahead and like his fan page and Ask Diego a question. They say that kids tell the most honest answers so let be Diego the voice to tell you what you really want (or doesn’t want) to hear.

What will you ask Diego?

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