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Minnie Mouse Themed Party

March 3, 2014

If there is anything I love about myself most, it is how I can easily let loose of the kid in me and care less about looking foolish.

The Minnie Mouse on top of Alliyah’s birthday cake and a couple of kids got to witness the kid in me two weeks ago. I attended a Minnie Mouse themed birthday party of my friend’s daughter. I didn’t get to participate in the games – but I sure had fun. It was like stepping inside Disney Land once again
Coming up with such a themed birthday party is not like a fairy tale that involves magic. There are alot of wishes from the mom (my friend) who works miles away from Philippines and had to coordinate with her sister and another friend (Ninang Jadz) to set up this magical venue. 
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The #Mom was sure that she wanted to have a Minnie Mouse themed event, but loves to have it pink and with lots of colors. We were on chat debating what colors does Minnie Mouse symbolize. Nothing too colorful. Glad that #Ninang has eyes for mixing colors and design, the back draft look more composed and polished – not crowded. 
#Mom wanted a cupcake tower with Disney figures on top of each.
Quite a production number but we are happy the 
wish was granted!

Some prizes for the games

Loots and dolls for guests

There are different loots for kids and adults 😉 
Same with the food. 

 Little things sure count!

The music was provided by a DJ in Republiq 
(the #Mom’s cousin)
For kids’ entertainment, there were balloon artist, magic show and face painting. Of course, there was a photo booth too. I was pushing for Kameraman but maybe she would consider on Alliyah’s 7th birthday.
The family and relatives were in uniform too! Really cute!
 DIY Candies Buffet Table
#Mom bought lots of jelly beans, candies and chocolates. 
#Ninang decorated the cups and jars with fun design

Caught red-handed!
#Mom was sure happy that day!
She looked like a debutante bride-to-be on a bridal shower!
While I am happy with my Lenovo phone and collage I made!
Most of the guests got a Minnie Mouse headband too!
Thank you #Ninang for organizing and setting up this event!
Alliyah might not remember everything today, 
but she would be happy when she sees these in the future.

And as a guest, I am also a happy kid!

and I say, 
“Make peace with yourself and allow yourself to be a kid and look foolish” 😉
Alliyah, happy birthday! I know you will be a bright kid when you grow up.
Enjoy life and its surprises!

 If you want to hire my friend to design and/or organize parties for you, you may visit their fanpage at Thematic.  She also designed my blog’s watermark 😉
Pictures taken by Joan Larion and friends of Alliyah. 

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