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The SM Lifestyle Entertainment Inc

March 20, 2014

The SM Lifestyle Entertainment, Inc. This might not be the first time you are hearing about this transformation. Let’s start with a history lesson – it started with West Avenue Theaters Corporation handling just one brand – the SM Cinema with 267 cinemas in 47 SM Supermalls nationwide. In a span of 5 years, the company is a proud carrier of 12 major brands.

Okay, that’s a lot of figures and history to digest. Let’s just simply say – there is a rebirth of a corporation. The SM Entertainment Lifestyle Inc. is now the educational, sports and recreational arm of SM Prime Holdings, Inc that offers the best in movies, events, leisure and technology. Its aim is to promote bonding activities while advocating ease and personalized service for Filipino lifestyle. 
During the launch last Tuesday, the 12 major brands were represented through this awesome “shadow theater” performance. I didn’t get the name of this group, but I heard they primarily perform for corporate events. 
Can you guess the SM major brands represented below? 
There are actually 12, but photo collage can only accommodate 9 😉
Click Read More to know more about the 12 brands and the SM Lifestyle Entertainment, Inc..

The launch worked like a fair, where we got to roam around the SM MOA Arena and learned more about the 12 major brands. We were given an e-Plus Tap Card and by visiting a booth, we got to take home freebies. Awesome! 
1. SM Cinema 

It is the country’s leader in movie entertainment. My mom and I usually go to SM to watch (Filipino) movies (side story: my friend told me that by supporting Filipino movies, we are supporting the farmers ;)). 
It is an international franchise famous for its state-of-the-art projection system, surround sound system and crystal clear lifelike images that appear so real. I had attended a couple of movie screenings in IMAX, and we also got to experience the HFR (High Frame Rate) 3D that seeing the film felt like you were there in the shooting. 
3. Director’s Club

I have yet to experience seeing a movie in the Director’s Club, but I got to experience it during the event. It is dubbed as the intimate and deluxe choice for movie. Think leather seats, lazy boy, butler service and menu created for guests.
4. WM Cinemas
A recent acquire of SM Lifestyle Entertainment Inc, WM Cinemas operates in 6 branches in Luzon. 
5. Snack Time

What good is a movie without popcorn, burgers, hotdogs, drinks and candies? Snack Time also caters to SM Skating Rink, Science Center, MOA Arena and Bowling Center. 
During the launch, we got to prepare our own popcorn bucket! Love!

We also got to take home some freebies from Snack Time!
6. SM Tickets
SM Tickets is the box office and customer care center of SMLEI. It has branched out to other event venues, like entertainment, parks, holiday destinations, concerts, galleries, zoos, hotels and even 

We got some friends here who made an appearance

7. ePlus Tap to Pay
This card provides discounts and freebies to members. You just need to load it with cash, and use to pay to restaurants, shops, theaters and concerts. 
8. ePlus Digital
This brand is created to service digital sites for SM Cinemas and ePlus. It caters to social media, e-commerce, mobile marketing, and web development. 
9. Mall of Asia Arena

MOA Arena is so memorable to me! I had my first experience of the MOA Arena back in 2012, when I watched the New Kids on the Block Concert and I had a hug from Donnie Wahlberg! 😉

So MOA Arena is known as the architectural “eyecon”, it is a venue for international sports and entertainment. It is patterned after the centers abroad, MOA Arena is the only stadium in the Philippine that has floor dedicated to Corporate Suites. 
10. SM Science Center
The former Science Discovery Center has been acquired by the SMLEI. It provides educational experience for children and adults. In the coming months, it will launch new exhibits, galleries and systems.
11. SM Skating Rink

There goes Michael Martinez waiting for you! SM must be very happy about the sudden interest of Filipinos to learn ice skating. Thank you to Michael! 
SM Skating Rink is the only ice skating rink in the country which was built from Henry Sy Sr’s interest over the grace and class of figure skating. 
12. SM Bowling Center
It boasts state of the art, and fully automated bowling facilities under management of Champion CJ Suarez. I got to try my hands on bowling that day. As soon as I released the ball, I know my aunt (a bowling champ) will be ashamed of me.
Outside the venue, we saw this double-decker bus! Unfortunately, the service is not yet operational. But I heard they might soon drive this for concerts and events. 
with Ning and Jing 🙂
Okay, that was fun!
See you in SM!
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