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Before You Say Goodbye to KFC Double Down

April 4, 2014

KFC, my favorite chicken fastfood chain brought me good and bad news this morning. The good news is, KFC sent me Original and Junior Double Down Sandwiches!

For those who haven’t heard of Double Down (or for those who refused to indulge because summer is coming!), KFC DOuble Down is an all-meat sandwich – chunk of chicken used as bun with bacon and cheese as fillings. This is a mighty meaty goodness that comes in Original and Junior size! Everyone seemed to show their love and support for this duo.

But these duo is saying goodbye soon.. Oh, no thats the bad news! Tears are not allowed, only fun times. The reason is unknown why they are leaving (prolly because summer is coming and these two are just too tempting!)

Here’s the treat, you can choose to celebrate with the Original and Junior Double Down with KFC. 

  1. Head over to KFC nearest you, and buy as many Double Downs as you want. 
  2. Take a picture with the meaty treat.
  3. Post your pic in Twitter or instagram with hashtag #GoodbyeDoubleDown 
  4. Share what you will miss about the duo.

The most creative entries will be treated to an exclusive Double Down Party and have a rare chance of celebrating the milestone with KFC. Winners can also tag their friends 😉 
Join now, and have a double down party! Like what I always say, no goodbyes, just see you soon. (?) 😉
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