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Clean & Clear Fruit Essentials x Candy Cuties

April 29, 2014

Clean and Clear and Candy Mag brought me back to how it feels like to be a teenager once again. Last Saturday, at the Watson’s Store in Mall of Asia, I attended an event that is made for teens!

How does it feel like to be a teen? I remember I wanted to drag the time with me so I could be an adult and had the license to do the things I wanted to do. Until, after I celebrated my 18th birthday, I chose to stop remembering my age.

The most painful part was, having major breakouts – pimples, blackheads and oily skin. At that time (okay, do the math and know my real age ;)), I was proactive and had to order imported products from US for my skin care products. Until now, I still get those zits (which is okay, it makes me long young – like twenteen!)

Clean & Clear, the US number 1 teen skin care brand understands this, and introduced new products #madeforteens. They even invited Candy Cuties to join the launch.

You could imagine how crazy the crowd was when the boys were introduced. I felt like a mean queen watching them all giggly with their “curving” voice. This is one phase I didn’t go through – I don’t get too excited over cute boys (even during my teen years!). Maybe because I am always attracted to bad boys (oh, Dao Ming Xi!)

Click Read More to know more about Clean and Clear and the Candy Cuties!

The event was like a mini-fair and the boys did make it more fun. Prizes, movie tickets, Shakey’s and Forever 21 gift certificates were given away. Plus, lots of selfies and picture-takings!
The Candy Cuties


Okay, if I were to choose a Candy Cutie, I will pick the @thelaaguinaldo because he is tall and I know he can be a bad boy 🙂

Now for the Clean & Clear… the brand introduced the Clean & Clear Fruits Essentials in Energizing Berry with bursting beads that give tired skin a much-needed boost with its sweet scent and quirky energizing beads. The Clean & Clear Fruit Essentials in Brightening Lemon with bursting beads make your skin bright and improve over-all skin tone. 
What makes Clean & Clear products awesome?


Clean & Clear products are especially made for teens, with unique gel formula that fights pimples, blackheads and oil without drying the skin. These are also oil-free which make them perfect for the hot, humid weather.


These sweets have anti-bacterial ingredients that fight pimples, oil and blackheads while keeping the face soft and smooth

Clean & Clear is especially made for teens, so expect that it is budget/allowance friendly and are available in major supermarkets and drugstores. I was actually in Mercury Drug yesterday and I already saw the new fruity variants!
So now, girls should know that it is not safe to use the same products as what your mom or older sister is using. Most are made with chemicals (anti-aging properties), that are not good for teen’s skin. 
If you are a teen (and reading my blog!), and you have rants, raves and stories to share – register at and connect with other teens and make girlfriends 🙂 
Ending this post with this! 
(yes, I am twenteen!)
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