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April 8, 2014

Dairy Queen Blizzard Buy 1, Get 1 at 50% Off

I may not be 1 of the first 500 guests to line up in Magnum Manila Cafe today for the Free Make Your Own Magnum treat, but I was one of the many mall rats who lined up at Dairy Queen for their blowout promo - Buy 1, Get 1 at 50% Off!

It was hard to just walk away and ignore the signage. I am not an ice cream person and I always prefer cake over ice cream, but I needed something to make me smile today, so....

The Rules: 

1. You only get to choose one flavor - so if you buy an Oreo flavored Blizzard, you can buy another Oreo flavored Blizzard for 50% off.
2. Only 1 size for this promo - 6 oz.
3. Limited to 4 flavors only - Oreo, Rocky Road, Strawberry Banana and Vanilla.

Click Read More to know more about the Dairy Queen promo..

I love that message in the shirt!

Let's do the math:

6 oz Blizzard costs Php 49.00
You get to buy the second cup at Php 24.50

Total for two 6 oz Blizzards Php 73.50

You save: Php 24.50

If you want to eat both cups, you can still save with this promo. The 12 oz costs Php 79 (promo will let you save you Php 5.50).

I got the Strawberry Banana flavor to share with mom. To be fair, they served quality Blizzards for this promo. Maybe next time I'll have the other flavors. At least I have a reason to love Mondays (and Tuesdays!).

The Dairy Queen Blizzard Blowout Buy 1, Get 1 at 50% Off Promo runs every Monday and Tuesdays from 10 AM to 2PM only. This is available in all DQ stores, from April 7 to May 13, 2014. 

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