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April 27, 2014

Getting to Know the Pharmaton Life Chargers

I love that I have more time now to take care of my body - to rest, sleep for 8 hours (at night - and not in the morning), and eliminate the negative energy. Someone once shared that we must take care of our body because it is our vehicle that will allow us to do the things that we want to do.

I am glad that my body is helping me in achieving my goal and get closer to my bigger dreams. I have to admit that I am not always motivated to do things, but it is the same goal that keeps me going. 

I wish soon, I can also create a positive change in the country and be someone like Hindy Weber Tantoco and Maxie Abad - they are the Pharmaton Life Chargers. 

What makes a Life Charger?

The Pharmaton Life Chargers symbolize the men and women who are committed to a vision. They are driven by the desire for a quality of life for themselves and for others. More importantly, they have the sustained energy to live out their passions and thereby, create positive change. 

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Hindy Weber Tantoco

We all know (and adore) Hindy Weber Tantoco, a fashion icon and a mother of four. Before we have seen her gracing covers of glossy magazines and attending exclusive parties, Hindy began her career in training under the tutelage of New York-based artist and project manager, Stan Gilula, where she worked closely with high-profile clients in the hotel, restaurant, retail and entertainment business.  In 2000, she joined the Rustan Group as exclusive in-house designer for a young-adult division of department store. She played a central role in the launch of popular brands U for the young adults, Culte Femme for women, and Kiddos for children. 

Her love for fashion prompted her to open a made-to-order business, focusing on formal and bridalwear.  Her work in the fashion industry helps to promote and radiate beauty outward. 

What makes Hindy looking young and beautiful must be her desire to be always near the nature. She spends much of her time attending to the family needs and her idyllic farm in Laguna - which inspiration started from her desire to provide better food for her kids.  She also dedicates her time in her thriving organic food delivery business called Holy Carabao Holistic Farms. Through her involvement in organic lifestyle and farming, she promotes beauty inward by providing better and healthier choices for food. 

What makes someone so beautiful and inspired with life? Hindy said - the nature and children inspire her - the two most beautiful things in life. 

Maxie Abad

Maxie has many titles under his name - a lawyer, a triathlete,  a former player of the Philippine National Football
Team, and a Director and Chief Legal Counsel in an oil exploration and production company.

More than anything, Maxie is a football player. His first encounter to the sports was during his second grade, and his natural flair with the ball gave him way to play the sport and be its advocate.  “Passion for football” is sewn in the jerseys of the Manila Soccer Academy - which makes an inspirational reminder for the kids during training. 

He believes that when one is inspired, passion will come and everyday one can find something that ignites it.

The Manila Soccer Academy is a football academy for kids which he set up together with
 Coach Ricardo Venus and fellow footballer Monty Roxas,

Maxiie envisions training good football players, but more importantly molding outstanding individuals. 

I know these people have life stresses like you and me - stresses from environmental, emotional and mental forces. What makes them face all these stresses and enjoy life more? Pharmaton gives them the lasting energy to live out their passions and stay committed to their visions.

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