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#KeepGoing in #WranglerSunChaser Week 3 Challenge + Week 2 Stay Cool Winner

April 28, 2014

Sooooo… Wrangler asks us to Keep Going!!!

How are you guys doing with the #WranglerSunChaser Challenge? If you missed the first two challenges, you can read about Week 1 here, and Week 2 here. 
To be honest, this is one of the campaigns I really enjoy participating and promoting. It is just a pain that I have to dig through old travel pictures to post in instagram so I have something to share for the week’s challenge (because.. I am not sure if my summer escapade will push through. Does anyone want to go with me?).

The beauty in it is that it feels like “traveling” all over again. Searching through pictures, (and yes, friends’ albums) brings back the crazy travel memories. 

The real challenge though is creating the caption. For two weeks, I feel like a great philosopher posting insightful captions related to the sky, the sea, the beauty of the nature and the “light” the sun gives us. Confucius would be proud of me.
Unfortunately, I didn’t win this week’s #StayCool Challenge, but that is okay. This week’s winner well-deserved the award..
You are so cool superm888! I see different shades of blue – including that of the jeans you were wearing!

Congratulations! You won Php8,000 GC from Wrangler (and a chance to win your dream trip!)
Now, for this week’s challenge, Wrangler is asking us to #KeepGoing! 
Click Read More to know more about this week’s challenge and a chance to win Php2,000 GC from my blog!

We leave in the morning, and stay out until the last ray of sunlight leaves us. Being a true adventurer is the  best fulltime job out there! This week, don’t look back, keep going to the very end and be rewarded with  the most beautiful sunset you’ve ever seen. #WranglerSunchaser #Philippines

Share your pictures and use hashtags #Philippines #WranglerSunChaser to get a chance to win
Php8,000 GC from Wrangler Philippines 
and a trip to a country of your choice!

Time Frame: April 28 (Monday) to May 4 (Sunday)

Please make sure you use the two hashtags to make your entry valid
Now, I am also giving away Php2,000 GC in this blog 😉
Do you want to win it? Join here
Let’s keep going!
Do you need more details? Check out:

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