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Men Put Their Game Face On

April 15, 2014

Friends tell you things you don’t want to hear and they say it because they know that you won’t take the statement as offensive. So here’s a guy friend who just told me that the guy I am dating has a smoother and whiter face than mine.

I wanted to slap him but I couldn’t because he just stated the obvious. But the slap is for the misunderstanding that I am dating this certain guy. Fact is, I don’t know how to define a date. I think I have forgotten the basics of dating. Second, this guy he was referring to has a Spanish blood which explains the mestizo look. 
I am certain that this guy has his skin ritual as he needs to maintain the “good looks” for the kind of work that he does Unfortunately, we haven’t discussed those topics yet. But washing with soap and water every day is one of the best common ways to clean the skin. But when it comes to cleansing the face, ordinary soap may not be enough to get rid of oil, dirt and grime. Using soap to wash the face can remove essential oils (lipids), causing severe skin dryness and making it prone to bacteria. It can also trigger oilier skin as oil glands become more active to replace these essential oils.
To effectively clean the face without damaging the skin, dermatologists recommend using a gentle facial wash made for men that can keep essential oils on the skin, and also has other ingredients that help further moisturize the skin.
I could imagine how various sports and activities can make men’s skin oilier and more prone to acne, rashes, sweating and spotting. I remember the Master Oil Control Max Face Wash ad that promises long last oil control. It also prevents the skin from drying and evens out skin tone so men everywhere has the confidence to face the world with their game faces on.
Master Oil Control Max Facial Wash has a unique Cooling ZEROIL formula that reduces excess oil for up to eight straight hours, making it a great cleansing tool for active young men. This effectively controls the amount of oil produced by their hyperactive sebaceous glands, reducing the chances of pimples forming on the face due to pores getting clogged with oil and dirt. Master’s revolutionary cooling ZEROIL formula also prevents the skin from drying (unlike soap) and cracking due to exposure to air, dust, dirt and harmful rays of the sun. Because it prevents it from drying, the skin becomes less prone and susceptible to germs and bacteria which eventually causes pimples. This makes Master Facial Wash the perfect grooming tool for men especially those who get into various physical activities and sports such as basketball.
I heard PBA superstars Chris Tiu and Marc Pingris use this product. Both have stopped washing their face with soap and are converts on washing their faces with Master. I am not sure if this “guy” I know is also using the same product. An observation though, he is very likeable and he is always ready to put his game face on. 
It is not a surprise, as a healthy skin and well-groomed face can magnify a person’s self esteem. Now, thinking about what my friend has just said, I got a reason to get insecure in dating men who has such healthier skin that I am. 😉

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