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The Latest Trend in Shoes for Girls

April 26, 2014

I remember when clogs was first introduced and everyone wanted to have a pair. Clogs are one of the most popular trends happening in the world of girls shoes. One of the reasons why girls like them so much is that they allow air to reach their feet. The design of a clog includes holes or other small openings on the top of the shoe. In addition, a strap at the back of the shoe goes around a girl’s ankle. This means that the shoe is only partially enclosed. Many girls appreciate the design of this shoe.

Here are some other reasons why clogs are such a popular choice with young girls.

Support for Every Activity

There are many young girls who like to be involved in a number of lively activities. They like to wear them when they’re bicycling, walking and running around the mall with friends. Some girls like to wear clogs to the swimming pool for a day of fun. The holes in the clogs allow water to drain out so a girl can put them on after getting out of the pool. Plus, with clogs, she can protect her feet from the hot cement as well as any sharp items that have been dropped in the pool area.  I think that is very clever and stylish. I haven’t tried this wearing clogs in a pool though. Clogs are lightweight and easy to put into a beach bag. Plus, it is very easy to drain and pack.

Stylish Colors

Most girls like to have a choice of colors when it comes to their clogs. For instance, one girl may look for a pair of clogs that go with most of the outfits in her wardrobe. Another girl may want a pair of clogs in her favorite color. Regardless of her preferences, a girl can find clogs in a color that meets her unique needs.

A Snug Fit

Finally, many girls appreciate the secure fit of a pair of clogs. They fit in a more secure way than most sandals, but they still allow a wearer room to move her feet. Whether a girl is walking with friends to school or hanging out around the house, she needs a pair of shoes that fit her in the proper way. An extra bonus is that clogs are easy to slip on and off. There are no strings to tie or untie and no knots to undo. Now, if you want to buy and check out some cool clogs, may want to consider a place like

This one is cool!
What do you think of clogs?

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