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#BeIconic in #WranglerSunChaser Week 4 Challenge

May 5, 2014

We are on the final week of the #WranglerSunChaser challenge! This is our last straw to win Php8,000 Wrangler GCs and win a trip to our destination of choice.

Last week, Wrangler asked us to #KeepGoing, and we did! I enjoyed last week’s challenge since it twisted my brain again to come up with interesting, insightful captions 😉
Here are my entries: 
Sunsets are always beautiful no matter what age, language, race and eye color you have.
(of course, I want to promote global citizenship. The picture was taken in Indonesia during this awesome travel)
“Life is a journey, not a destination” Always enjoy the view!
(This was of course, taken in the Great Wall of China during my travel in 2011)

Click Read More to see my favorite entries (globally!) and to know about this week’s challenge!

There is always something beautiful, yet melancholic about sunsets
(this was taken in Batangas some years ago :))

When lost, just #KeepGoing until you see the light.
(this was during my visit in Casa Loma 🙂 

The next time you fall, just laugh 🙂 Make peace with yourself and allow yourself to be a kid (again) and look foolish. Happy Sunday!
(this one was in Ilocos – I didn’t get to write about my sandboarding experience :()

It was nice to look at those pictures again. Now, I miss “escaping” from my world. 
Anyway, here are my favorites from this week’s challenge:

This is so fine and vivid
I love how it looks like they are on top of the clouds!
This one is a good shot too!
We have yet to find out who this week’s winner is.. but, be ready for this week’s challenge! Wrangler asks us to #BeIconic!

The thrill of seeing something for the first time — it’s in our DNA and in the spirit of any adventurer. This week, rise  to the morning sun and venture somewhere you’ve never been before, make a “first time” memory. 
You know the drill!
Share your pictures and use hashtags #Philippines #WranglerSunChaser to get a chance to win
Php8,000 GC from Wrangler Philippines 

and a trip to a country of your choice!

Time Frame: May 5 (Monday) to May 11 (Sunday)
Please make sure you use the two hashtags to make your entry valid 
#WranglerSunChaser #Philippines
Now, I am also giving away Php2,000 GC in this blog 😉
Do you want to win it? Join here. 

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