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May 27, 2014

Carefully Choosing a Bridal Veil

I am so excited for my friend who is getting married! She plans to have a themed wedding (I am sorry I cannot give details of it yet). One thing is for sure, there are many things a woman should consider when she is trying to find a bridal veil. Although this may seem to be an accessory that does not need the bride's full attention, it is the wedding item that has the power to set the entire mood for the ceremony. Headpieces and veils somehow make the act of exchanging vows official. Here are the reasons brides should think carefully about their veil decisions.

The Notion of Ceremony
Wedding dresses run the gamut from extremely casual to highly formal. In the case of casual dresses, the veil is the accessory that makes the dress more ceremonial. Sometimes, guests or onlookers may not even realize a wedding is taking place until a casual dress gets its veil. Formal dresses are capable of conveying ceremony on their own. However, when a veil is added, it still makes the occasion feel more official.

Family Heirlooms
Many brides do not consider how long their veils may be in their families when they choose them. Sometimes, headpieces and veils go back several generations. Brides who realize they are choosing a valuable that could last for many years place more thought into the meaning of the veil. Rather than choosing a simple piece of tulle, they may choose handmade lace or headpieces bearing intricate beadwork or pearls.

The Ceremonial Entrance
For some brides, the entrance into the ceremony is a way to get to their waiting groom. For others, it is a moment that they want to be filled with the most joyous kind of pomp and circumstance. The type of veil a bride chooses accentuates this moment and dictates the type of grandeur that comes with it.

Short veils pushed back from the face are meant to keep the bride's smile or facial expression at the center of attention. Guests get to connect with her and follow her every emotion as she makes this significant life transition. Longer veils that cover the face are more dramatic. They make the mystery of being a bride even more elusive for onlookers. Longer veils are usually more formal, as well. It is typical for brides who intend to have more religious ceremonies to choose longer veils.

No matter which veil a bride chooses, she should know her choice carries a wide impact. It has the power to carry the dress and tell guests how to respond to her. Depending on how long the dress stays in her family, it will also give her inquiring descendants a strong idea of what kind of bride she once was.

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