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BDJ Box Soiree: Power Nails with Revlon

June 10, 2014

My Saturdays are usually reserved for me-time, or friends bonding. I was all set to meet up with friends last Saturday when an invitation for a BDJ Box Soiree came in to my inbox. It has been a while the last time I went to a BDJ event, so I thought I would go. Plus, the invite said that there will be a Nail Workshop! I thought it would be nice to learn more about nail polish techniques, and nail art designs.

I arrived in Contis, Greenbelt with Ria Hazel. This girl is so into nail art lately that she seems to change designs every other day.

The venue was packed with bellas, and Nicole was already discussing nail designs and techniques. I met Nicole during the BDJ Box launch and I love how kikay, and skinny thin she is! I got kind of insecure (and once again told myself that I should stop the crazy food trip!). She is sporting a nice hairstyle while showing some fun nail designs and how-to’s. I mentally took note of the tricks.

I was thinking I wouldn’t have time to create designs because I still needed to run to my favorite mall (Robinson’s Magnolia, that is!) to meet with friends. I thought could work with the Revlon Nail Kit at home and I could totally be messy! 

BDJ and Revlon gave us time to work with our nails. Unfortunately, we didn’t get a Nail Kit that contains really awesome new polishes from Revlon! Look what’s inside the loot! I almost died of jealousy.

Click Read More to know why I am jealous! Huhh huhh…

New Revlon Nail Polishes which are not yet available in the stores

We were told that there were only 40 Nail Kits and since we were late (we arrived at 2:10), we didn’t get a nail kit. 🙁 It didn’t occur to me that Nail Kits were only for the early birds. I received an SMS the day before the event asking us to come at 1:30 PM and that we should come with clean hands since Revlon will provide nail kits (original invite was at 2PM). I have already planned my Saturday to accommodate daughter duties, laundry and all other things, and I thought my confirmation was enough (but then again rules can change in the middle of the game).

Huhh.. huh..  I was disappointed. This is not the first time I did not get a loot from an event. There are even instances when I forget to get token/loots from events (and life goes on). But, I realized it was a different story to see girls get excited about their loot!  This was the first time I felt really disappointed. Probably because I also feel for the bellas who signed up and didn’t get to bring home a nail kit (sorry, I am ranting).

BDJ and Revlon gave us (there were 8 of us) make-up palette as a gift since we didn’t get a Revlon nail kit. 

While I drowned with jealousy, I just entertained myself by trying out the new Perfumed Revlon Nail Polish. I love how yummy, and fruity-cherry it smells (even after 3 days, I can still smell my nails!). It is perfect for impromptu-dates. Your guy wouldn’t know you just had your manicure. You can allow (torrid) holding-hands because it quickly dries too!

I put my blogger hat on, and checked out the other bellas’ work. They are so talented, and once again I died of jealousy. It would have been fun to try the other Revlon nail polishes at home!

Love this Glitzy French Tip Trick

The Ombre Trick

Ria Hazel showing her Clouds Artwork

Wish I could do this fun shimmer nail art too!

Color Contrast



Thank you bellas for the design inspiration, and thanks to my seatmates for keeping me entertained! 🙂

I still love Belle De Jour, and I hope it will be a learning experience for the other event organizers. One thing I learned from my stint in helping the Organizational Dev Team (of my previous employer), the success of an event is not measured by the number of attendees, but the lasting impression it creates to the attendees. If your guests talk positively about your event/brand and you influence them to influence others, you made a great impact. When I say “talk positively”, (of course) it is not all about the swag and loot, but the total experience.

Anyway, I am hoping the new Revlon Nail Polishes will be available soon in the market so I can try them out.

PS. I send a feedback to BDJ team regarding this, and I am happy that they took the feedback positively. 🙂 

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