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June 16, 2014

Be Mad For Pizza with Toppings-All-You-Can!

Manila foodies and (most) pizza lovers have experienced being a pizza artisan when the "create-your-own-pizza" hit the food trend. Now, there is a new craze in town that will make us all madly in love! Have you heard of Mad For Pizza's toppings-all-you-can?

Well.. well.. I am talking about Pizza again :) If you are a regular reader of this blog, you know how much I love pizza. I breathe pizza. I am worried that when doctors do a quick scan of my body, they would see my internal organs shaped like pepperoni, sausage and peppers, and that my blood would smell like tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese.

Mad For Pizza is a new restaurant in II Terrazo in Tomas Morato owned by a former manager of hotel chians in Manila. It aims to introduce a pizza bar that leaves a customer with so many interesting options yet not confined with pizza alone. 

How to order at Mad About Pizza (Toppings-All-You-Can)?

Click Read More to see my Mad For Pizza Toppings-All-You-Want Creation!

 1. Choose your dough.

Pizza doughs  are available in Classic, Garlic Parmesan, Herb, and Spinach. All are prepared in-house and served in 10'inch pan. 

2. Choose your sauce.

High quality choices of sauces are prepared in the bar. I tried having half of red and white sauce. 

3. The fun part - choose your toppings!!!

There are 40 toppings to choose from at Mad For Pizza Toppings-All-You-Can! 

  1. Mozarella Cheese
  2. Parmesan Cheese
  3. Romano Cheese
  4. Asiago Cheese
  5. Cream Cheese
  6. Cheddar Cheese
  7. Blue Cheese
  8. Feta Cheese
  9. Provolone Cheese

  10. Red Bell Peppers
  11. Green Bell Peppers
  12. Onion
  13. Roasted Garlic
  14. Sliced Mushrooms
  15. Spinach
  16. Zuccini
  17. Capers
  18. Olives
  19. Pineapples 
  20. Artichoke
  21. Corn
  22. Oven-roasted Tomatoes
  23. Meatball Crumble
  24. Italian Sausage
  25. Grilled Chicken
  26. Pepperoni
  27. Steak Slices
  28. Pharma Ham
  29. Ham
  30. Bacon
  31. Calamari
  32. Shrimp
  33. Claws
  34. Mussels
  35. Fish
  36. Anchovy
  37. Basil
  38. Rosemary
  39. Oregano
  40. Cilantro
Wew! Long list! I typed each for you guys ;) 

So I chose Mozzarella Cheese, Tomatoes, Green Bell Pepper, Jalapeno Pepper, Mushrooms, Sausages, Ground Meat, Cream Cheese, and more Mozzarella Cheese. 

After 10 minutes, my pizza creation was ready! The crust is soft and chewy. It felt like eating home-made pizza! This is a treat for only Php280!

If you are not in the mood to be pizza artisan for a day, trust Mad For Pizza's Ready-to-Order pizza offerings.

What I love about Mad For Pizza, the store also has affordable meals in the menu. It is not all about pizza for Mad for Pizza!

Hawaiian Delight Salad Php 158

Disco Fries Php 188
 Love the toppings of salsa and cheese sauce

Nachos Php 178
Affordable alternative if you are craving for some good nachos

Beef Stew Pasta Php188
It has this strong taste of oregano and herb. I love the chunks of tasty meat in it.
It is not your usual pasta with red sauce. I kind of like it. 

Classic Fish and Chips Php 198
Classic in real sense. What makes it stand out?

I love the fresh white meat. Tender dory fish wrapped in crispy, 
lightly coated pancake breading with vanilla aroma.

Amboy Angus Beef Belly in Adobo Sauce Php 198
This is an interesting dish. Generous serving, soft meat flakes, tasty sauce at 
an affordable price.

Tenesse Pork Spare Ribs Php 268
I was already feeling full when this was served. Meat is tender with 
a perfect BBQ sauce. 

I heard that the Amboy Angus Beef Belly in Adobo Sauce and Tenesse Pork Spare Ribs are both smoked, so imagine how tasty, tender and flavorful these dishes are. For dessert, we had Bannoffee Cubbler Php 88 and Panna Cota Php 88. 

Aside from the toppings-all-you-can-feast and interesting dishes in the menu, Mad For Pizza also serves refreshing drinks in gigantic glasses. I love the Frozen Iced Tea Php 88. Next time I will try the Salted Caramel Milk Shake Php 95. I just felt that it doesn't go well with pizza, but it is one of the bestsellers.

They also serve beer, cocktails, margarita and imported draft beer. I saw Margarita, Sea Breeze, and Mojito in the Bar List. They are served in festive 21 oz servings and give a good punch for only Php 180.

I am loving everything I have discovered about Mad For Pizza. The ambiance is relaxing and unpretentious. It embraced the modern-industrial design.

High ceiling with interesting light bulbs that emit warm lighting

Spacious dining area that can accommodate groups

Love this bar where you can prolly enjoy pizza and cocktails
while watching Basketball game

Simple plain walls with mirrors and PopArt strip

It was funny that during the event, I bumped into my friend who visited the place to have dinner with her boyfie. They love the food, menu offerings and price. We stayed a little longer because we find the place too comfy and less crowded despite the quick turn-around of customers.


Mad For Pizza will make you insanely happy with the number of pizza flavors you can make with the Toppings-All-You-Can feast. Imagine 40 toppings for 4 different doughs. We can start the permutation now.! :)  This is a treat that all first-time diners should try.  The food offerings are really affordable and do not disappoint. What makes Mad For Pizza the bomb for me? I like its location. :) I kind of hate the mall lately (crowd traffic and waiting lists in restaurants). Might be back and bring some friends :)

Have you visited Mad For Pizza?
What do you think of Toppings-All-You-Can Feast?

Mad for Pizza 
2/F Il Terrazzo Building, 305 Tomas Morato Ave. 
corner Scout MadriƱan St. Quezon City, 1104

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