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June 25, 2014

Channeling: Real Life Selfies Using Eye Contact Cameras

Forget monopods and today’s parity gadgets because the future of live broadcast “selfies” is about to be seen in “Channeling,” a visionary movie taking today’s social media to a new level, using wearable eye-cast contact camera lenses that shows everything the human eye can feast on real time that the audience can watch on their smartphones.   

 Set in a future that is just about to happen, the mother of all live streams and updates unfold in “Channeling” directed by first time director/writer Drew Thomas starring Taylor Handley known for his roles in “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning” and “Battle Los Angeles,” with interesting supporting cast that includes Kate French, Skyler Day, Dominic DeVore, Ryan Walker and Landon Ashworth, “Channeling” follows the lives of a young group of people broadcasting their daily lives to the most number of audience possible and competing to reach viral hits no matter what the cost.  

Sounds like a blog battle (?)
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See the trailer here, and let me know what you think.

The car chase scenes reminds me of Fast and Furious movie. But this one got an interesting, timely theme.

Director Thomas shares that even though his movie tackles the extreme side of social media, “I didn’t feel that that social media was to blame but that together with people it can be evil and pervasive. But then I think that's how some people view social media, I find it particularly annoying when 'friends' of mine post every minute detail of their life – I definitely don't think I'll be tuning into livecasting channels in the near future, well, not unless they are doing something exciting.” 

Timely as today’s social landscape, “Channeling” had been awarded Best Feature Film (Sci_Fi) at The London International Festival of Science Fiction & Fantastic Film,  Best Feature Film at the Phoenix Film Festival and is the Official Selection at the International Horror & Sci-Fi Film Festival and Dances With Films. 

 “Channeling” opens very soon this July 2 from CrsytalSky Multimedia in theatres nationwide.

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