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Ferring Philippines: Saving Lives of Mothers

June 11, 2014

I have just seen an interesting movie that tackles true love of a mother to a child. This is the kind of love that I have not given the opportunity to share yet, but I understand why motherhood is the noblest role a woman can play on her lifetime. It is not like any job that one can leave when things get rough and tough.

We see mothers as the epitome of everything that is good in all of us – that significant part of our lives that we know will hold us dear no matter what. This is why mothers are regarded with such high esteem in any society. 
Artwork by Jordi Labanda
Deciding to embrace motherhood doesn’t just take a toll to a woman’s body, but it can also endanger their lives. I cannot imagine how physically and emotionally draining unexpected pregnancies are. 
There is a study that shows that in the Philippines, 230 out of 100,000 women die from pregnancy-related causes – one of the highest pregnancy-related mortality rates in the world. 
Ferring Pharmaceuticals aims to help curb this growing concern, by bringing their 60-year expertise closer to home. With the official launch of their Philippine Headquarters in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Ferring further extends their commitment to address the growing concerns on pregnancy-
related deaths via medicines and drugs that are backed by the company’s extensive research and development efforts. 

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“We want to inform doctors that there are available drugs which can spell the difference between life and death among pregnant women, especially those about to give birth,” said Michel Pettigrew, Ferring Group president of the Executive Board and Chief Operating Officer. 
Pettigrew spearheaded the launch of their Philippine office, which officially opened last April. He is also the President and CEO of Ferring Holding US, the company’s largest subsidiary, and is responsible for all clinical development and commercial activities in the United States.
During the launch, Pettigrew shared that a major part of their plans is to work alongside the Department of Health (DOH) to address the rising maternal mortality rates in the country. They will also actively promote their breakthrough products to top medical institutions in the city. 
He shared that Ferring is ready to offer some of their most notable products from their roster that directly inhibits causes of deaths among pregnant women such as hemorrhage following a caesarean section and pre-term birth. These two causes are considered the most pressing reasons of deaths among mothers in the country. 
Aside from Reproductive Health, Ferring also aims to address problems of fertility among couples. They have products that affect key factors to conceiving such as ovulation, and overall well-being of a mom-to-be. 
Beyond Reproductive Health
The company however, is not only known for products in reproductive concerns. Their gastroenterology and urology medicines are known to be superior choices as well. 
For gastroenterology in particular, Ferring has a drug known for effectively cleaning the gastrointestinal tract, addressing anxieties brought about by abdominal concerns like colon cancer. 
For now, the efforts of Ferring Philippines will be focused on Metro Manila hospitals, but ongoing talks with the DOH assures that the company’s life-saving products in Reproductive Health, will reach the provinces as well in the next three years. 
I just wish that the products and services will be available and affordable to more Filipino households, and not just the upper segment of the society.  
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