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Fun with Philip

June 5, 2014

When I am at home, I seldom watch TV. When I do quick scan of shows, it is Lifestyle-related shows that usually catch my attention. I love shows that talk about food, fashion, entertainment and travel; the same way I love blogs and sites that feature the same topics.

The problem with most of the lifestyle shows, they are catered to the more affluent crowd. Philip wants to change the formula and come up with the show that is fun and connects with the wider audience.

Philip Abadicio is a PR and Lifestyle writer. Clearly, he understands lifestyle and sees it as something that should inspire people to live and enjoy life no matter what circumstances they are in. After two seasons of “It’s More Fun with Philip” and “Philip Lifestyle Guy,”, Philip is now ready for the new show called Fun with Philip. 

What to expect from Fun with Philip?

A new lifestyle show that is balanced, and connects to the mass. There will be surprises for the letter senders and viewers. Some would even experience and try the services, or food that would be featured in the show.

Joining Philip in the new show are American tourist, Jeffrey Whitney, Lucky Mercado, Madam Venus, Bryan Santos (real fitness coach who did a quick demo on how to do push ups to burn the calories we gained from eating the Crispy Pata!), Hilda Ehrenberg (who they fondly call Bru-Hilda!).

Philip does know how to have fun and engage his audience. He sat down with us and we had a quick talk about the things I write about. It seems easy for him to connect with people. He let us experience how fun it is in the new show by raffling off prizes (and seems like everyone got to take home a prize!).

Watching the hosts interact with each other during the show makes you want to be part of it. They say Fun with Philip has no formula, and one would be surprised with the new offerings each episode.

“Fun with Philip” is produced by The Lifestylers Media, under direction of  Tootoots Leyesa and written by Rod Divinagracia. Catch it on GMA News TV starting June 14, 2014 every Saturday and Sunday, from 3:00 to 3:30 p.m.

Can I just say, I am typing this with my nails painted with Max Factor nail polish? 🙂

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