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Herbal Essences Celebrates Scentual Shameless Pleasures

June 15, 2014

When we got to 71 Gramercy for the Herbal Essences launch, we were initially welcomed by two beautiful ladies who asked us to share our #ShamelessPleasures on the wall.

Being shameless and game for anything fun, I wrote a rather risque pleasure. I thought, they don’t want to hear about the usual stories of chocolates and shopping.

When we got inside the bar (I love how Gramercy transforms every event!), we were even teased by a seductive voice-over encouraging us to write our #ShamelessPleasure and share it in social media. Earth and I thought ours might need Parental Guidance, so we decided to write something for General Patronage.
Yes, stalking my crush, because I cannot go near him 😉
Why did Herbal Essences push us to confess, you ask?
Herbal Essences made a provocative and scentsual comeback with a stimulating campaign that encourages the pursuit of shameless pleasures. Having the chance to deal with different nationalities, I have experienced (and compared) how Filipinas are easily embarrassed when the topic leans towards seeking pleasure and getting what she wants (truth is, a simple complement can even make one Filipina shy and unreceptive). 
To excite us more before the actual launch, two of the most colorful and candid personalities in social scene – Kat Alano and Erika Paredes talked about their most shameless pleasures, and how women should be empowered to openly chase after what pleasures them. The segment was called, Shameless Talk (and we got a free concert show from Kat too!)

The highlight of the event was when the shower curtain was opened and the new Herbal Essences brand ambassador was revealed..
Click Read More to find out who!

Hello, Divine!
The new Herbal Essences TVC revealed Divine Lee as the woman behind the moans overheard at a coffee shop, gym, yoga studio and shower roam. She is always playful, vibrant and fun (evident on her blog, twitter and podcast), Divine Lee embodies Herbal Essences’ naughty but nice character. 
Everyone knows she’s a go-getter, and not afraid to get what she wants. She took a corporate role before starting her career as a model. She is now known in social media as fashion and gay icon. She admitted that she has always been open about what makes her happy. One of her many Shameless Pleasures, taking a shower
It was so refreshing to listen and watch her host the event with the natural gay remarks (which deserved an applaud from her very supportive friends who were also in the event). 
“Divine Lee is the made-for-Herbal Essences woman. She is deliberate and bold in the decisions she has made both in her professional and personal life. Divine demonstrates how to want pleasure and act on it. She’s charmingly unapologetic about her pursuit of pleasure. She is a perfect fit for Herbal Essences which makes even the most ordinary act of showering pleasurable and rapturous,” says Pepe Torres, country marketing manager for hair care of P&G.
To make things a little more exciting during the event, we were treated with sinful food and cocktails while a moan-battle was rolled and #shamelesspleasures were revealed. 
You know these monitors in Gramery
Lookie, they flashed our confessions!
The whole event area was suffused with a natural fragrance to highlight the refreshing scent Herbal Essences gives off, resulting in a scentsual shower experience. I remember how fruity-fragrant Herbal Essences products are. It was my official shampoo and conditioner during my Toronto travel – and even if it was a challenge to take a shower because of the freezing weather, my shower experience was always a delight!

Herbal Essences is a real tease putting DJ Callum on the DJ booth to spin that night (now I have a new guy to stalk ;)) I kid. We stayed a bit and off we went to OneVibePh.

Because we are shameless!

We are one with Divine!
(Photo credit: Earth Rullan)

So whatever is your shameless pleasure, Herbal Essences encourages you to go ahead and say YES, YES, YES, to shameless and scentsual pleasures.

What is your Shameless Pleasure?

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