How Many Brands Appeared in the Transformers Age of Extinction Movie?

The other day was all about Yoga, and yesterday was all about Transformers. I have seen the movie last night and I find it really odd to feel bored while watching some real, intense action scenes. Probably because there are just too many action and transformations, I could no longer wait to run to the washroom.. (ah, human problem!)

I love Transformers, and though I am not a certified geek, I do adore BumbleBee and Optimus Prime. People might have different views about the film. Let me categorize them into three:
For adults who have seen the cartoons back in the 80s, some might feel nostalgic seeing their favorite Transformers in vivid color; others might be disappointed because of the too complex flipping, folding and transforming. 
For the young kids who would encounter the Transformers for the first time – they would care less about the plot, the casting, characters and script. All they can remember would be the amazing visuals and fancy cars that transform into robots (or robots that transform into cars).
For movie critics, they might hate everything about the film. This is not to say that the film is that bad. Maybe, Mark Wahlberg is not fit for a character of a father to a teenager who always refuses to follow dad’s orders. Then, there’s a boyfriend character who suddenly appeared in the scene like a hero and did a few stints that remind me of Fast and Furious. 

(Hey, Marky Mark is still hot and able as ever. Hey Marky, say hello to your brother Donnie from me!)

The movie tries to tackle so many issues and injected humor with its funny lines that I am not sure if fitting for the scene. I sure did laugh at some of them. I might as well enjoy the film than worry about its components. 
I mentioned about getting bored somewhere.. it is really an odd feeling especially when you have robots, explosions, and car chases in the big screen. Probably there are just too many scenes where they heightened and built up the tension, and kept the audience suspended while dragging us more to a heavier and breath-taking scenes. It kept going for a while, that I wonder if I missed the climax of the story. There were scenes when I thought I would next see the movie credits (and tell us to come back for the next Transformers movie) – like a cliffhanger, but Transformers brought us to yet another scene, (or geography) and dragged us again to the long chase. 
What I love more about the film is the story line and conflict.. it would make one realize, (yet again), knowledge and intelligence can be both beneficial and dangerous.
Don’t be surprised to see a lot of product logos in the film. I remember Gucci, Tom Ford, Victoria Secret, and Oreo. Can you remember some more? Drop them in the comment box!
Bring your friends to a movie date, and roll a game how many brands you can remember after seeing Transformers! Good job on product placement!
Thank you Solaire Resorts for the VIP Screening! 
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