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June 24, 2014

Johnny Rockets Introduces Lobster Wagyu Burger and Wasabi Milkshake

There is a new reason why one must visit and dine at Johnny Rockets!

Before the big reveal of the newest burger addition to its Gourmet Burger Line, a little history first. Johnny Rockets' presence of casual and gourmet dining was first felt in the Philippines in 2009. It continuously provides guests with unique, relaxed, yet fun dining atmosphere. I should know this as everyday and every night, I had seen how its crew dances to the tune of groovy songs providing live music and entertainment in Eastwood Mall.


Now, aside from the fun crew, vintage diner atmosphere and loud music, here's a new burger from Johnny Rockets - the Lobster Wagyu Burger!

Johnny Rockets spelled my name through ketchup. 
I didn't want to break it :)

Click Read More to know more about the Lobster Wagyu Burger and Wasabi Milk Shake!

The Johnny Rockets' newest addition to its Gourmet Burgers, the Lobster Wagyu Burger brings together two prime ingredients - rich lobster and grilled Wagyu Burger. Half of the lobster is served on the side complete with shell, and head. Don't forget the American fries!

Lobster meat sandwich is served on top of the Wagyu Burger

There is a hint of green to balance the taste, and color. 

How do we eat the Lobster Wagyu Burger?

1. (You may) enjoy the burger with the Lobster Spread. 

2. (And/Or) get tasty lobster meat..

3. And eat it together with Wagyu Burger and Lobster Spread

I like how the Wagyu Burger is perfectly done. Still tender, juicy and flavorful. I love lobster and shrimp, and I am good to have the flavor in my sandwich (this is actually my first time to eat lobster with bread!) The lobster is still juicy (I seriously want to eat and wipe the meat out of the shell!). But I already felt full after finishing 3/4's of the burger. The Lobster Wagyu Burger is at Php 995. A bit pricey? But think that it combines two exquisite ingredients - Wagyu and Lobster. 

FYI, Johnny Rockets will never serve your burger medium rare (even by request) because of health consideration. 

Our host for the day sporting the vintage look. 
Would be cool if she wore rollerblades too! :)

Sir Edgar Bondoc of Johnny Rockets

Aside from the Lobster Wagyu Burger, here's another offering from Johnny Rockets - Wasabi Milkshake! 

Shoot first before slurping!

This is AD, our server for a day. He's awesome, talented and fun.
He reminds me of my friend named Karol ;)

Johnny Rockets is also known for its creamy milkshakes!
Now this is a new, interesting offering.. 
Wasabi Milkshake

 I was telling my friends that it is a risky combination of flavors. The texture is smooth and creamy, but after a few spoonfuls (or sips), you will taste and experience the kick of Wasabi. I am not sure if I like it though. I find it too strong and an extreme combination. I chose to not finish the drink because I just had lobster and thought it would not be good to mix it with milkshake (and wasabi). I will probably test and taste the Wasabi Milkshake some other time. 

Will you try and order the Wasabi Milkshake? 

In between bites, we were entertained by the Johnny Rockets' crew. I love how they do their job! They look so happy with what they are doing. It makes me miss working in the food industry. It does make a lot of difference to work with people (or be served by people) who love their job. Trivia time: the crew dances every 30 minutes. Sometimes they even invite diners to dance with them ;)

Johnny Rockets is keeping the casual retro ambiance alive with familiar music. The menu still carries the gourmet offerings like Truffle Burger and Surf and Turf. Of course, don't forget the creamy milkshakes. 


Johnny Rockets can be found in Eastwood, Tomas Morato Alabang Town Center, East Wing of Shangri-la, and Subic Harbor.

Have you tried the Lobster Wagyu Burger?
Will you order the Wasabi Milkshake?
Share your thoughts :)

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