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Lenovo Yoga is Built to Explore Your Passion

June 25, 2014

This week is all about staying at home and spending time with my new love – the Clementine Orange Lenovo Yoga. It doesn’t have any official name (I am not like most of the people who give and baptize their gadgets with names or call them “baby”). Anyway, I simply call it “my Lenovo Yoga”.

I have previously shared how this new Lenovo Ultrabook can do Yoga, and transforms into different modes. The more interesting feature of this tablet/laptop is its different apps suitable for different modes. The Yoga Picks will help you find the right tool for you based on different modes and passions.

Our passion fuels our enthusiasm to pursue what want to do, and live the life that we want – we research, read, connect and explore. It is my passion for writing and fashion that pushed me to leave my job, and do this (yes, this is my world now, my blog :)).

Since I started blogging and got more serious about sharing stories, I started to learn things that I never realized I would learn or need to learn. Take for example, learning about web design, and html codes (?). I built this template from research and trials. I am not a techie person and back in High Shool, I didn’t understand why people need to add A to B when they are letters and not numbers (hello, Algebra!).

Click Read More to see more of Lenovo Yoga modes…

I explored things, and it is awesome to have gadgets and resources that help us in exploring things. And here’s what I love more about Lenovo Yoga – the stylishly designed ultrabook has different apps, and resources that would help us, especially students to pursue their passion and chase their dreams in style.

I started with this cool Yoga Photo Touch because beautiful pictures are needed to keep my readers engaged (do you agree?).

I have only explored 1 of the many awesome resources and apps from Lenovo Yoga. I will share other resources and awesome kits that one can use to pursue his/her passion.. be it in Design, Journalism, Music, Gastronomy or Astronomy.

Let me share with you again the different modes of Lenovo Yoga 2 Tablet and which passions they are fit for use.

Laptop Mode
Music, Game Development
Stand Mode
Entrepreneurship, Film-Making
Tent Mode
Gastronomy, Fashion
Tablet Mode
Design, Architecture

What are you most passionate about?
Share your passion by commenting below.
 Who knows you might get your own Lenovo Yoga too!

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