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June 9, 2014

Match Making In NYC

I had a mini-reunion with my former co-workers last Saturday, and after the usual updates about work, writing, family and what's new with friends who were not in the get-together, the topic suddenly shifted to dating. I almost choked when I told them I have forgotten about dating, or the rules of it. For all I know, I was already "on a date" and I am not aware of it! :) My personal life (a.k.a lovelife) is something that I want to keep to myself, and I do not talk about freely in social media and in my blog.

Artwork Credit: Jordi Labanda

Truth is, a modern lifestyle can be quite busy for working professionals. In a big city like New York, it might be very difficult for adults to date and build meaningful relationships. Online dating is one solution to this problem, but there are still some issues with this method of finding love. Fortunately, there are reliable dating services that can help hard working individuals in the city of New York.

A match making service is essentially an exclusive club that collects membership fees. Adult men and women pay money in order to possibly get acquainted with a compatible partner. The match making process is relatively simple and straightforward. A client creates a list of qualities that a potential date should ideally have. The match maker review the client's requests and then browses through a database full of potential matches.

All members of an exclusive dating club are screened. For example, background checks make sure that the individuals do not have a major criminal record. Similarly, official information regarding marital status can also be reviewed. A match maker can obtain documents of marriage certificates and divorces from the local court. Additionally, clients may also have to prove their professional status. The match maker could call a client's employer and confirm a particular job position.

Match making services in New York City essentially create blind dates. The clients are not allowed to view each other's information including photographs. Instead, there is a level of trust in the match maker's ability to find a compatible person for a date that could develop into something more. Isn't it interesting?

High end dating services in NYC have a selective process. Members must be of particular social status in order to join. However, there are some men and women that don't care about the social class of potential partners. For example, a rich banker may be interested in dating a recent college graduate that has a part time job. Dating services New York try to mix and match the extremely diverse crowd of the Big Apple. Some clients want to meet people of particular race, ethnicity and physical features. Other clients are more focused on professional status and other ambitions including the desire to start a family.

Match makers may receive a bonus from clients that are happy with their dates. However, the membership fees are usually flat and they are charged on a monthly basis until a client opts out.

Is match-making service something you would be interested in?

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