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Salo (The Fort Strip): More than an After-Party Place

June 29, 2014

It was my first time to go to The Fort Strip in the morning, and although the sun was shining bright that morning, I felt almost lost around the bars and restaurant in the area.

My destination was the new restaurant called Salo. I got to the venue and was surprised because I knew the place as the Shawarma Guys. I thought I was on a timewarp. Nana pleasantly welcomed me inside, and I had to ask and make sure that I got to the right place. 
I almost died when they said that Salo started operating in May 2014, replacing the Shawarma Guys. Huhh.. huhh.. Shawarma Guys was our favorite “after-party” place before heading home. A quick shawarma fix (with the killer hot sauce) would send one back to his/her senses. 
But, Salo has more promising offerings. I couldn’t wait to try the dishes when I saw the appetizer spread. Let’s get to know more about Salo..
The owners saw the gap in the range of establishments in Bonifacio Global City, and the community did not have enough affordable places to go to for lunch and drink. Salo means a celebration or gathering in Filipino. The people behind this new food joint wants to promote the place as a venue for celebrations and gatherings. They want to offer affordable yet quality meals, especially for those who are working in the area. 
We got try some of Salo’s meals which are developed by Chef Benjo Tuason and Chef Justin David. See more foodporn..
Assorted Bolahan Php 175
I love this bowl! If you are craving for some good fishballs and kikiams, 
you can find them in Salo! At least you know where in The Fort you can buy and make tusok
the fishballs!
Pulutan Platter Php 200
It comes with Kamote Chips, Chicken Skin, Fish Balls, Kikiam, and Kangkong Fry
I love the Chicken Skin!!! 

Click Read More to know more about Salo!

Your choice of dips and sauces!

Sisig Php 185
What is an appetizer menu without sisig? 
Sinuglaw Php 180
This is an interesting food discovery for me. It is a local dish of fish ceviche
with grilled pork belly. It tastes like Kinilaw but the good bite of grilled meat makes a difference. 
I was thinking this would go best with rice!
Yes, you read it right. There is such a thing as a hang-over meal! Salo is strategically located in the Fort Strip to cater to the party people who might want to have some hearty meal after a night out before heading home. 
Goto Php 95

with Egg and Meat Strips
I am not really a fan of goto (only when I am feeling sick)
 but this one is so soothing and perfectly cooked. 

Longa Burger Php 90
Longa Burger Extra Php 160
I am very picky with Longganiza and I am happy that Salo has
something that my tastebuds approve! 
For urban professionals working in The Fort/Bonifacio Global City area, 
Salo is the perfect place for lunch-outs (instead of lining up at fastfood chains). 
Meals range from Php 130 to Php 215!
Steaksilog Php 215
Super massive serving! Good for two!

TuyoSilog Php 145
This is my favorite from the Rice Bowls Menu! We all love eating tuyo, but we 
don’t want the trouble of stripping the meat out, so here’s a clever solution – 
go to Salo and order TuyoSilog!
 Love that the fish is not too salty for my taste! Extra rice please!

Tapsilog Php 140

Bicol Express Php 130
This one is not too hot and spicy!

Bistek Tagalog (platter) Php 225
This is good for sharing and very, very affordable. 
I love the strong hint of calamnsi contrasting the salty sauce.

Aligue Rice (platter) Php 200

Lechon Belly Php 220 (200 grms) Php 400 (500 grms)
Spell high-blood!
Meal is best enjoyed with Sago’t Gulaman Php 40!

To cap the meal, we had Leche Flan Php45 and Buko Pandan Php105

The Buko Pandan is served with crispy pinipig! 
I love how they give a different twist to a very simple Filipino dessert.

If you think that Salo is just an after-gig place, you have to check out the bar list! You and your friends can hang out and enjoy some good, refreshing cocktails. Drinks price range from Php 90 to Php 150. They also serve drinks by pitcher. Premium wines and spirits are also available per glass or bottle. 
I remember the last time we were in the area (it was still known as Shawarma Guys), there was a couple on the other table who “donated” their beer bottle to us because they could no longer finish it. Friends have a new hang-out place after work or gig at Salo. It is even more awesome because of more affordable food and drinks choices. 
So here’s a quick guide:
Interior: Very simple, unintimidating and comfortable. If you were a regular of the shawarma place, you would notice a few make-over done to the place to give it a touch of Filipino vibe. 


Service: Very attentive and accommodating staff. 
Budget: Your Php150 can get you a decent meal!
Parking: Same parking condition in the Fort Strip 🙂
Plastic Money: Not certain if they do accept credit card now. 
Washroom: Shared washroom. 
Dress Code: Come as you are!
Crowd: Families, friends, urban professionals, models, tourists. Really depends on the time of visit. 

The Verdict: 

Although my heart was still aching after finding out that the Shawarma Guys has left, I am glad that Salo did not disappoint. There are only a few new restaurants that offer really good meals at affordable prices; and Salo is one of them. Its location is just perfect to provide affordable meals for young professionals in the Fort area, and be an after-gig nest for partyphiles in the Metro. It is unintimidating and unpretentious which makes it stand out among the fancy restaurants and bars in The Fort Strip. 

 Salo also delivers through
See you at Salo?

The Fort Strip
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
Operating Hours: 11 am to 4am, daily

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