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Younghusband Brothers: Team Phil vs Team James Ready to Settle Rivalvry

June 7, 2014

It didn’t occur to me that the Younghusband sibling rivalry can be this big (and fun), that each has to invite a player from United Manchester for the great battle. 

Today, June 7th will be the judgement day. The University of Makati Football field will be the witness of the final installment of the Clear Dream Match – the biggest all star football game in the Philippines. 
When did the Younghusband Rivalry start?
The first ever Clear Dream Match saw Phil Younghusband win over his older brother with a dominant 5-1 victory. The following year, James Younghusband took revenge by defeating Team Phil with 4-1. The score is tied at 1-1, and to make it a little more exciting, two Manchester United Legends will join the team – say hello to, Paul Scholes and Andy Cole!
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Paul Scholes is 11-time English Premier League Winner and will be part of the Team Phil. He said that he’s excited to visit a country where football is a growing sport. He has made over 700 appearances for Manchester United. Scholes has a the third-highest number of appearances by any player for the club. 
Paul Scholes
Andrew Cole
Andrew Cole is equally excited to come in the Philippines. Andrew joked that he was hoping to box with Manny Pacquiao! He will be part of Team James and he will sure have a good fight against Team Phil. He is the second highest goal scorer in English Premier League history. He has won numerous trophies with Manchester United and is one of the few players to date who has bagged all possible honors in English game, including the PFA Young Player of the Year and UEFA Champions League title. James is sure proud to have him on the team. 
Last month, Clear Dream Match 3 Teams were drafted! It is good to know that 6 amateur football players will join Team Phil and Team James for the match. I love how supportive these brothers are to the new players. 
James and Phil watching the rivalry history..

Want more stories? Here them straight from Phil and James: 
You want more pictures? 
The Battle for Clear Supremacy inches closer (less than 24 hours NOW!) to completion! The Clear Dream Match will be today June 7th, at the University of Makati football grounds. Kick off will be at 7:30 PM. Tickets are sold in SM Ticket outlets. Check out if they still have ’em! 
On a side story, I think that James is cuter than Phil. Well, okay they both have different charisma. But you can tell who is the younger Younghusband as Phil is a lot more playful 😉
Which team are you cheering on? 
Team Phil or Team James? 
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