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#BuilttoExplore Lenovo Starter Kits for Designers and Writers

July 17, 2014

Last week, I felt that my muse has wandered around, and left me wondering about life.

I mostly stayed at home and reconnected with myself. What’s a better way to spend your day is to stay in bed. I thought, my walls would not judge me if I have messy hair and if I wear mismatched jammies. So while I am at home, I read a magazine.

I needed inspiration and I thought revisiting a magazine that once fueled my passion for writing and fashion would help me and give me the push that I needed to start writing stories again.

I am currently subscribed to Zinio which allows me to browse through magazines via my Lenovo Tablet. 

Can I just tell you how much I love using my Lenovo Yoga because I can use it in Tablet mode when I feel like browsing through the Cosmo pages. 

Its size is just perfect as it gives a good feel of reading an actual magazine. Glossy and vibrant. Check.

So there I was, reading my favorite magazine as ideas started floating in my head. The most pressing factor is the need to share my stories to make people “think”, not to make you believe in what I say or share, but to make you think.

You might have noticed that I started writing about beauty products (not my expertise!) but I did anyway, because I want to share stories.

Click Read More to see 10 awesome tools for bloggers!

The Zinio is just one of the many apps that you can download and use in your Lenovo Yoga. If you are like me who is interested and passionate about fashion and design (and sharing stories), explore the other starter kits from Lenovo 🙂 There are digital kits for design, gastronomy, journalism, and even astronomy. I have gathered some which I find really helpful for the bloggers.

10 Creative Tools for the Aspiring Blogger

1. Evernote
2. Skitch

3. AAC Voice Recorder
5. Hootsuite
6. You the Designer
7. Logo Design Love
8. Adobe Photoshop Express
9. Fresh Paint
10. Zinio

And for those who love photography, here’s for you:

Lenovo is really #BuilttoExplore. What are you passionate about?
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