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Cafe Blanca

July 25, 2014

How do you want your coffee? For hot coffee, I want mine black, with high acidity and full body.

I remember drowning myself with caffeine when I was still working in nigh shift. Fancy, designer coffee that are really expensive. Today, I no longer have the luxury to spend much on these drinks (and thankfully I do not need to stay up late at night). I am much more grateful that there are available instant coffee drinks in supermarket, and they come in different flavors.

A new addition to the growing coffee flavor selection is the Kopiko Cafe Blanca. It was launched last Tuesday in an event called Creamylicious (of course, ruthilicious was there!) Four new ambassadors where introduced.

What is blanca? In Spanish, it means “white”. Kopiko Cafe Blanca is Kopiko’s version of creamy coffee with tempting aroma, silky smooth feel and creamy taste. 

Click Read More to see more pictures of the new brand ambassadors..

Executives from PT Torabika Eka Semesta , makers of Kopiko, led by Group Country Head for Philippines and Indian Sub-Continent Mr. Mulyono Nurlino, attended the event and shared the rich history and vision of the company for the Philippine market.

Kopiko started with 3-in-1 Black Coffee in 2000, it then launched Kopiko Brown Coffee, and Kopiko Kopiccino in the succeeding year, then Kopiko LA Coffee. Aside from instant coffee mixes, PT Torabika also has nutritious, healthy food range such as Energen Cereals and Energen Go Fruit Instant Oats and of course, Beng Beng chocolates, Fres Mint Candy and Kopiko Coffee Candy.

When the big cup of Kopiko Cafe Blanca was turned, it revealed the four brand ambassadors..


Aljur Abrenica, Iya Villana, Christian Bautista and Marian Rivera are the new brand ambassadors of Kopiko Cafe Blanca. Looks like, Kopiko didn’t find it hard to get these endorsers a nod to promote the Cafe Blanca. Iya said that she finds it easy to promote something that she uses, and she wants the sweet and creamy mix of Cafe Blanca. Marian jokingly said that it is good that she no longer need to buy stocks because she would get a supply of Kopiko.

When asked what is a creamylicious moment for them?

For Christian, a creamylicious moment could be anything – a good conversation, or a beautiful face, anything that is good and pleasant. For Aljur, it is singing, while for Marian, dancing on stage. For Iya though, she said that it is something that she enjoys, and doing something that she wants something more of. I always love how Iya answers the question. She’s fun and witty.

I love how they shared how Cafe Blanca contributes to oneself aside from giving them the energy they need. Christian said that coffee is a good bonding moment with friends and family. Having coffee is very safe, and very casual especially when you want to connect with someone.


I love how Iya puts it “it is all eyes, ears and coffee”. She loves having coffee alone.  She also shared that whenever she has coffee (alone), she enjoys a very Filipino way of enjoying coffee – dunking pandesal in a hot coffee. Patty agreed that this might be a tradition that we should pass to the next generation! Haha.

For Aljur, coffee makes him internalize and enjoy the moment with family and friends. 

For someone as popular as Marian, coffee keeps her grounded. She said that having coffee makes her connect to herself as an individual and not as an actress.

It was interesting to see these celebrities talk candidly and throw jokes at each other. It is like looking at a group who is having a good talk and good coffee; actually it feels like we are all part of a good conversation while we are having a good Cafe Blanca coffee.


If you want a good white coffee, get a a Kopiko Cafe Blanca at your leading grocery stores for only Php6.00/ 30 grm sachet.

Yes, it is creamy that almost tastes like milk. A good sip when I am out of my favorite classic 3-in-1 mix 🙂

PS. When you are given a chance to have a picture with Marian Rivera, you take it – so I took it! She’s so beautiful, she made me insecure for a few seconds. Huhh.. huhh.. I’d rather not post the picture. 😀

Yes, I enjoyed my cup 😀

Wearing some pieces here that I have not worn
for so many months. 🙂
Blazer: Folio
Minnie Top: Terranova
Jeans: Stradivarius
Pumps: Payless

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