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Kogi Bulgogi’s Ssam Wraps x Win GCs with #KogiBulgogiMoments

July 6, 2014

Guess who was back at Kogi Bulgogi? 

We were back and it felt like coming back to a second home! A home is how you can describe the interiors of Kogi Bulgogi in Gateway, check out the pictures here. But this restaurant is not all about fancy displays and fun interior, Kogi Bulgogi always has something good from the kitchen. The most recent offering was the KPOP Chicken, which I so love (take the spicy one!). Last week, we got to try the new offerings.
TENEN!!! The Ssam Wraps!
A little history, Ssam, literally meaning “wrapped” which refers to a dish in Korean cuisine in which, usually, leafy vegetables are used to wrap a piece of meat. The meat often accompanied by a condiment known as ssamjang or gochujang and can also be topped with raw or cooked garlic, onion, green pepper, or a banchan (small side dish) such as kimchi. 
Click Read More to know more about Ssam Wrap..

Kogi Bulgogi offers 3 different meats for the Ssam Wrap.

 1.  Dak Gui (Grilled Chicken) Php 385
Dak means chicken in korean while Gui means grilled dishes in Korean cuisine
The Grilled Chicken is my favorite. Perfectly grilled and marinated. 
2. Suygogi Gui (Grilled Beef) Php420
Tender beef slices

3. Bo Ssam (Thinly sliced, boiled pork) Php365
This shiny, thin pork slices are nasty-good! Pork fat is perfect with Kimchi!
In the Promenade, Greenhills branch, they also serve Black Angus (Korean Steak).
Each Ssam Wrap order comes with cooked garlic, onion, green pepper, or a banchan (small side
dish) such as kimchi, and chili sauce and oil dips.
Let’s go to the best part, how to eat Ssam Wrap?
1. Take one leaf with your hand.
(I love that Kogi Bulgogi uses fresh romaine lettuce!)

2. Add a piece of meat.
Yes, I love the Grilled Chicken, you can say that!
3. Add Kimchi, radish and pepper (depending on what banchan you want to add!)

3. Roll and wrap it, before dunking in to the sauces.
4. Open the mouth wide open and eat the whole wrap! Enjoy!
History tells us that it is believed that on full moon days, people wrapped rice in leaves of cabbage or dried seaweeds. Back then, when rice was often not readily available, it was the precious commodity for commoners. Eating clumps of rice wrapped with fresh greens have been regarded as “eating wrapped luck”. Since then, it has been a culinary custom of eating ssam as a kind of ritual appeal for good fortune. Even today, in terms of its nutritional value, having a meal of ssam can be seen as an act of “eating luck”. Imagine the vitamins and minerals that come with every Ssam Wrap. Lettuce is a good source of vitamin a, vitamin k and potassium, while sesame seeds are good source of dietary fiber, vitamin a, vitamin c and riboflavin.
Ssam Wrap is the perfect complete meal that is fun to eat and enjoyable to share. I had fun sharing the wraps with seatmates, #MommyWrites and #FoodScout. It is filling, and a lot more healthier than having your usual rice and meat dish (truth is, I also had rice with the grilled beef :)).
Aside from Ssam Wrap’s we also had some of Kogi Bulgogi’s bestsellers:
KPop Chicken Php125/4 pieces
I forgot to take the name of this dish!
It is so good, I forgot my name and its name! 🙂

Tuk Bulgogi Php405
I love the meat cuts and fresh vegetables in the sweet, tasty broth.
Enjoy Korean dishes with Raspberry Icetea and Soju Drink! 
(yes, the clear Lemon drink has Soju!)
And the best way to cap the meal is with these yummy desserts 
(also available in Kogi Bulgogi)
Here’s our new foodie friend, Food Scout!
Head on over to Kogi Bulgogi to try the new Ssam Wrap meals! Don’t forget to take your selfies because Kogi Bulgogi is bringing back the #KogiBulgogiMoments!
1. Follow Kogi Bulgogi on Instagram @kogibulgogiph.
2. Take a #selfie or #wefie of your best moments and post on Instagram.
3. Tag @kogibulgogiph on your status and on your photo and share whatt makes that moment worth remembering. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #kogibulgogimoments.
3. Share it on Facebook and Twitter and let the people know how awesome your Kogi Bulgogi experience was!
Two (2) lucky winners will be chosen weekly for their best photos. 
Two (2) lucky winners will receive P 500 gift certificates from Kogi Bulgogi. 
This promo is valid from July 14, August 31, 2014.
Explore the flavors of Korea! 
Dine-in at your nearest Kogi Bulgogi stores: 
Eastwood City, Promenade, Greenhills, Lucky Chinatown Mall, Gateway Mall

PS. I took the Tito, Vic and Joey to Kogi!

Love vintage shirts! 🙂 

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