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Oh, What a Night with The Jersey Boys

July 24, 2014

I love rockstars (how many times do I have to say it?), and (a) boy band (hello, New Kids on the Block!). But before the rock ballads and danceable songs hit the charts, there are four lone boys from New Jersey who first started to rock and roll.

The Jersey Boys (movie) is a story based on a jukebox musical of the same title, which tells the rocky rise and rolling fall of the Four Seasons. It was directed by Clint Eastwood (who also had a cameo in the movie – catch him, if you can!).

The story was told by the four characters based on their views, and how they see the band and its success (or downfall). The Four Season started from the Variety Trio – a group formed by Tommy DeVito, with Frankie Valli (doing lead vocals) and Nick Massi. Frankie’s incredible voice was only heard on bars (and maybe behind bars – fortunately that he was a minor, and was not place on prison together with Tommy and Nick after they attempted to steal a safe).

They were introduced to singer-song- writer Bob Gaudio by Joe Pesci, who joined the group. They later on tried their luck in recording an album. But making it big in the music industry didn’t come easy to the group. As the producer said, they didn’t have a distinct image or sound yet.

Until the song Sherry came, followed by Big Girls Don’t Cry, and Walk Like a Man. Four Seasons enjoyed the popularity that these songs had given the group, but life did know how to rock and shake the band – as personal relationship, interests and family issues started rolling in the groups’ success.

Jersey Boys is refreshing new movie and one that stands out among the sci-fi movie roster that we see in the big screen. It is a musical movie that does not bore the young audience, and entertains the 60s crowd. The mix of danceable songs and tune, in a light sepia-like screen does not look too old and rustic for the young crowd.

The cast is amazing with voices that could launch a new Four Seasons. While, Tommy DeVito (played by Vincent Piazza) has such a rough ridden character, he is the one who I find the most attractive (cheers to Bad Boys! Thank you Vincent for the great performance). And why I suddenly feel that the Jersey Boys fashion and style would hit the Instagram in a few days?

I love that the Jersey Boys gave the characters the chance to talk to the audience directly. Jersey Boys is more than a musical movie. There is more than the four new boys in town who played the Jersey Boys. It would show us how people unknowingly forget about the things that matter to pursue happiness and our passion (it makes you think, yes?).

The Jersey Boys will show us the rocky rise of the Four Seasons, what made them rolled, and the life and journey of a musician after the curtain call.

PS. I love the soundtrack, especially the Closing Credits. If you ever find yourself singing some songs, and you get “the look” from the others, tell them you heard from the Jersey Boys 🙂

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