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Quick Review: LG G3 Smart Phone Arrives in Philippines

July 3, 2014

LG Philippines is changing the way we see and use mobile phones with its new tagline Simple is the new Smart.

The new LG G3 smart phone was launched last Tuesday in a star-studded event held in Enderun Tent. I have seen updates and reviews in social media about how sleek, simple and smart the new LG G3 is. I was as curious as anyone else with what the beautiful case can do aside from being.. elegantly cased. I expected the new LG G3 to be smart. 
Thank you to model units on display, one LG G3 allowed me to get to know how smart and simple it is. 
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Quick look – it has QUAD HD,  pixel density of 538 ppi, allowing to view sharper and more vivid displays than Full HD. It is thin and can easily fit in the pocket. 
1. Smart Keyboard – keyboard customization allows users to adjust the size of the QWERTY keyboard (perfect for those with big fingers!)
2. QUAD HD Display – produces vibrant and clear display.

3. Advanced OIS and Camera – it has laser auto-focus and touch & shoot function. You basically just touch any part of the screen and it takes photos. I am impressed with the Evolved Front Camera with hand-gesture capability. Perfect for serlfies, but I am not sure if I need this feature. 
4. Smart Notice, Before You Ask – okay, this is a bit scary. But basically, the LG G3 suggests what you need based on status of your phone, behavior and location. 
5. Software Diet – I like this feature that suggests which apps you seldom use and you may uninstall. 
6. Knock Code Feature – it is said to be the most fun way to unlock your phone. You just simply knock on your phone based on your combination. 
7. Sensible Indicator, QuickCircle – Circle Windows display the most used apps. 
8. Hassle-Free Wireless Charging – this is perfect for those who doesn’t want cables and wires. 
9. Light-Weight Metallic Design – the LG G3 has classic metallic body and even comes with detachable cases. How I miss the old Nokia Phones with fun, colorful casings!
10. 1-Watt Speaker with Boost Amp – it plays low, and clear sound without the need to use amp. 
Looks like the LG G3 has really interesting new features. Am I impressed? I have to admit, yes. I was not the only one who is giving this new phone a thumbs up. Even Niccolo Cosme, a renowned photographer who spearheaded the Project Headshot loves the new LG G3 smart phone, he even uses it to take random snapshots in the Metro. 
Niccolo showed the random pictures he has taken using the LG G3
Introduction of the new LG G3 – Simple is the new Smart

And you guessed, that there are more celebrities and personalities who believe in the new LG G3 smart capabilities. Team Kramer, Phoemela Baranda, Maxene Magalona, Kiefer Ravena, Thomas Torres, Divine Lee, Fabio Ide, and even male fashion blogger, David Guison (this guy is so down-to-earth, I am a fan!).

The LG G3 is available in all LG Dealers nationwide and offered in four colors – Metallic Black, Silk White, Shine Gold and Burgundy Red. Its 16GB unit is at Php 29,990, and the 32GB is at Php33,990. 
The LG G3 is dubbed as the Successor of the “Best Smartphone of 2013”. It is indeed, simple and classic, with interesting new features that gives a new definition to the word “smart”. A great investment for those who might need more than a smart phone but an assistant who can make things life easier by addressing life’s simple stresses.
If you would ask me if I am buying this new product, I might not. For now, I am happy and satisfied with my phone, which is equally smart, simple and understands my needs.

What do you think of the new LG G3 Smart Phone?

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