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July 24, 2014

Room and Linen Fragrances

I only wear three scents, Kenzo (Blue), DKNY Be Delicious and Ralph (again the Blue one). I don't shower myself with too fragrant soap or lotion. Subtle tones are good. I want to keep everything neutral and natural.

How do I describe a scent of clean and fresh? I think it is the scent that I smell whenever I get inside a hotel room. I sometimes crave for that because it equates to good feeling, relaxation and disconnection from the world (the feeling I get whenever I wander and travel). At home, we only use Lysol to also help disinfect the household. 

I received a package of Zenzest Room and Linen Fragrances a month ago. My first encounter with Zenzest was during my OJT days in Mandarin Hotel. My colleague was wearing the same scent I was wearing (Kenzo). However, she was using a different bottle. I was curious how did she transfer the perfume to another bottle? She confessed that she got it from Zenzest. A local brand that sells nice-smelling fragrances. I was instantly impressed.

Click Read More to know more about Zenzest Room and Linen Fragrances...

I know that this brand only carries body care line and fragrances, and I have mistaken these bottles as colognes. I was curious with these new fragrances because they are not just air spray fragrances but therapeutic too. They work more than a scent that can mask odor. You can choose if you want a scent that would help you calm down, uplift or invigorate. Although there is a specific Zenzest Home Line for kitchen, I love spraying it after cooking anything too smelly (fish or tuyo!).

The Room Fragrances come with a matching Linen Fragrances, but the two have different tones and notes.

I mostly spray the Linen Fragrances to bedsheets and pillow. It is always nice to get weak on a soft bed (and I love my bedsheets from Butterfly Dreams!). The scents don't last very long though (these are alcohol-based), and by the time the scent has fizzled out, you are already in dreamland.  

I personally love the Uplifting Room Fragrance. I cannot attest if the scents do wonders in uplifting (or calming, and invigorating) my senses, but they do make me feel relaxed and make me enjoy writing (like now :)) 

 Each bottle costs less than Php200 (I think Php180).

Have you tried using the Zenzest Room and Linen Fragrances? 

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