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August 7, 2014

5 New and Unique Halloween Costumes

They say that August is a Ghost Month, and spirits wander around with the living. The night of the hungry ghost when the gates are open falls on August 10th. 

Ohh.. does it make you feel scared? Although Ghost Month is different from Halloween, I thought it would be nice to just treat this month lightly and do a little early costume shopping for the Halloween (now that's 3 months in advance!).

Check out these new, unique and fun costumes I would want to wear in a party!

1. Coke Lover! Who cares if I would look like a Coke bottle with that cap and dress? This is too cute!

Click Read More to see more fun costumes!

2. 20's Flapper Dress! I just thought it would be fun to dance and roll with those fringe details! 

3. This 80's Hair! Big hair, don't care! I would love to have that hair color mix (not the style) soon!

4. Factory Girl.  I remember years ago, we had a fun General Meeting with my team and we came in costume representing different careers. I came in my nautical dress :) Next time, I would want to wear something like this. Simply because I love rompers :)

5. Fun, Unique Cartoon Character Costume! Maybe, coming to a party as another Spiderman or Wonderwoman is a little predictable, why not come as Stewie from Family Guy? Hehe

or come as a Lady Mario! Our favorite computer game hero!

Which one do you like best and would most likely to wear?
I found all these fun costumes from PureCostumes

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