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A Birthday Sparty for a Former Beauty Queen

August 19, 2014

It is understandable to be insecure over a beauty queen (think of the unquestionable beauty, the graceful stance, the wit and what’s between the ears); but to feel the same thing towards a woman who already have a daughter in her twenties, it would make you think if this beauty queen had a share from the fountain of youth. I did not actually feel insecure (that’s too strong a feeling). I felt a strong sense of admiration and inspiration when I met her. I was awed. She made the most gracious host I have ever met.

The beauty queen that I was referring to is Ma. Isabel Lopez, or Maribel to her friends. I was invited to a very intimate sparty for Ms. Maribel’s birthday hosted by Skin Rejuve Clinic in Tomas Morato. There were only a few selected friends and former beauty queens who were present that morning.

Unlike most of the roles that she has portrayed in movies and on TV, Maribel is a very gracious and pleasant woman. It was my first time to meet her, and she was so happy to know I am a blogger (she said she thought I were a model! It was not the first time people have told me that but it was my first time to feel uberly kilig over that .. probably because it was Maribel Lopez! A beauty queen!). She jokingly asked if I can blog about her daughter, Mara. It is not difficult for me to write about Mara, a young actress who has graced the cover of Playboy magazine. She stands out in her morena skin, looking chic and stylish even if she’s wearing ratty shirts and rugged shorts. She radiates the same pleasant aura that her mom had generously exhibits. It was awesome to be with a company of one hot momma and one cool daughter!

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I super love this shot!

I love looking at how Maribel talks to her guests with all enthusiasm and interest. I suppose, she’s one that you would want to take with you on fun adventures. She is playful and always pleasant with her contrasting sharp voice that is truly Maribel Lopez.

Posing for my camera during an interview 🙂

If there is anyone who know Maribel best, it would be her friend, also former beauty queen, Joyce Ann Burton. She calls Maribel, her partner-in-crime. I suddenly thought of my girl partner-in-crime, and I imagined both these beauty queens having a fun time together when they were younger (probably doing practice on Q&A and the beauty queen walk!).
Maribel is celebrating her nth birthday, but she looked younger than her age. She looks like she is just in her 40s, but the truth is, it has been ages since she celebrated her 40th birthday. She proudly shared how Skin Rejuve helps her maintain her youthful glow. She calls the clinic, her second home. She joined the family in January 2014.
Skin Rejuve, a premiere medical spa with expertise in handling non-invasive and minimal invasive aesthetic procedures is owned by Prescy Yulo whose dedication in bringing beauty, health and wellness in the Philippines motivates her to open the clinic. The Skin Rejuve team is composed of doctors in field of aesthetic intervention and board certified nurses.The clinic has 6 branches in Metro Manila and offers services such as Skin Care Treatments, Slimming and Laser Treatments, and Spa services. During our quick tour of the clinic, I have seen bed-like equipment where one can lie down for 30 minutes for slimming procedure. It looks scary yet exciting at the same time. 
In the true essence of a sparty, guests were treated to a pampering session by Skin Rejuve (I had to postpone mine as I had another commitment), but I am excited to go back and try the slimming treatments. 🙂 

Also present in the event were Representative Liza Maza, fashion designers Leonard Co (we share he same interest in food!!! Awesome to meet you!) and Rico Escaro and beauty queen, Alma Concepcion (she’s so pretty and fun!).

I super love the set-up and the balloons! Yay!
I felt like a kid! 

While it is nice to stay young at heart and embrace each adventure like a kid, aging is inevitable. I always tell my friends I want to age with grace (very much like my mom despite that she never touched any anti-aging cream!). Ms. Maribel Lopez is another inspiration for me. I seriously want to look as slim, and young when I reach that age! I know it is still a long journey for me (and life stresses are everywhere!), but fact is beauty queens also get old and ugly, and we have a choice if want want to look beautiful like a real queen.

Thank you Mara, Ms. Maribel and Skin Rejuve for having me!
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