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A Visit at Don Henrico’s

August 28, 2014

Admit it. You have tried every new pizza place in town (at least, you are planning to try them out – the soonest). These new pizza parlors offer different pizzas – in different flavors, sizes and shapes. Some even allow you to do your own pizza or offer unlimited toppings. But, we can never forget the pizza that we grew up with. The ones that have witnessed our life’s milestones, and celebrations. Pizza places that offer not just pizza but pasta,.. and buffalo wings!

Enough of my cheesy introduction. I dined in Don Henrico’s yesterday and while I enjoyed the piece of the tasty chicken, it got me thinking when was the last time I have been to Don Henricos. It is like an old friend that you seem to forget to connect with.

My visit to Don Henricos, Glorietta was like a roadtrip to Session Road, Baguio where the first Don Henrico’s store was built. The vision is to create something that would click with the university students in the city, and it sure did. The good food was enjoyed by students and families, and soon Don Henrico’s extended and opened branches in Metro Manila.

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Don Henrico’s Secrets and Recipes

The secret is the twist of Italian food with a true Filipino taste. The secret recipes that the founder himself creates and adds to every Don Henrico’s offering. The dishes are right combination of Italian goodness with touch of Filipino taste. A formula that is applied to every food and drinks, including the famous, Buffalo Wings!

Don Henrico’s truly lives up to its slogan “Pzza, Pasta and More”. After so many years, we wanted to make sure that Don Henrico’s still has the secret that made it one of the biggest Italian restaurants in the Philippines.

For starters, you can try the Summer Salad (Family Php480). It is three crisp lettuce with mango, grapes, kiwi, mandarin oranges and walnuts with strawberry vinaigrette dressing. It looks more like a fruit platter for me (which is good)! Something good to have to whet the appetite.

Tutto De Mare (Share Php310 Family Php580)
It is a flavourful pasta with shrimps and squid meat sauteed with garlic, chili, tomatoes and herbs. The pasta is served perfectly with linguini. I love that it is not very salty for a seafood pasta.
For those who love white sauce, they can have XO Seafood Pasta  (Share Php310 Family Php580)
A mild white pasta with fish fillet, shrimps, squid and bell peppers.
What is dining at Don Henrico’s without Pizza?
Here’s Don Henrico’s Supreme  Pizza (14 inches Php580). Can I just say that Don Henrico’s have such big and generous servings of food? This is just the middle size, and I heard that they are preparing to launch a new size of pizza for parties! (excited!). Anyway, I love that the pan is not greasy and oily.  
Seafood Romano Pizza (14 inches Php580) is a great combination of marinated squid & shrimp with green and red bell peppers on a thick (and I mean thick) spread of mozzarella cheese.
If you love hot and spicy sauces, you can forget about the bottled spicy sauce and have some of this pepper infused oil.

Saving the best for last (but I had it second on the meal) is the Chicken Ala Buffalo (7 pieces at Php750). These are big parts of chicken marinated and cooked in perfection with tangy Barbeque Sauce. When it was served, the flavor penetrated my nostrils that made me forget about the other dishes on the table! It uses the same secret ingredient as the Buffalo Wings.
When they say Don Henrico’s got the best Buffalo Wings (and Chicken ala Buffalo!), I agree with them! Each chicken part is cooked in perfection. The flavor is tasted down to the inner meat, and not just in the skin. It is tasty and tangy but not sharp in my tongue and palate.
What is a good meal without a good dessert?
Red Velvet Cake
Although I am not a fan of red velvet cakes or cupcakes, this one doesn’t disappoint. I like the cream cheese frosting that is balanced and not too sweet.

Salted Caramel Chocolate Cake
I love anything Salted Caramel. The chocolate sponge cake is moist and the ganache filling is just perfect to balance the salty flavor of frosting.
Chocolate Nirvana Cake
This is for real lovers of cake and chocolate! Chocolate sponge cake with chocolate ganache and chocolate shavings!
 I felt a little distracted over those plate design that look like eye lashes. 🙂
Toblerone Cheesecake
This lovely piece is like a slice of pure ganache topped with a Toblerone bar slice.

Don Henrico’s Store Interior

Don Henrico”s continuously expands and they are now more accessible in malls. Check out the Glorietta store dining area which has light, warm lighting and industrial chairs and furniture. I love the play of wood, bricks and colorful chairs.

There are different nooks and spots where guests can get their privacy when dining and enjoying a good meal.


Did my post make you want to head over to the nearest Don Henrico’s store?

Exciting news from Don Henrico’s, they are launching a new 4XL Size Pizza. 30 inches in diameter size pizza with special Four Flavors in One. Available Flavors – California White, Four Cheese, Ultimate Pepperoni, Hawaii and Four Season Pizza.

Stay connected with Don Henrico’s Check out the site at for more info.

PS. Have I told you how fun and awesome their staff and team are? 🙂

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