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#CadburySweetEndings: Eat Chocolate the Right Way

August 16, 2014

I have encountered the most difficult equation in my life, and it is not about finding the value of x, or knowing the sum of a and b.

When you add Payday + Friday + Rain, you would meet chaos and madness. I have experienced it yesterday as I traveled from Manila to the Fort. In the busy, boiling hot train, I thought, this is something that I couldn’t do everyday of my life. Isn’t it ironic how we, sometimes dread Fridays? 
I was kind of anticipating Friday because the week has been busy and crazy for me. A rollercoaster ride of emotions, and uncertainties that is inside me, I thought of breaking free. 
When I got to Mercato, in the Fort, I saw purple shades amidst the smoky, shady tent. It was my first time in Mercato and I was excited to try the food in every table and station. It was like a feast.
One thing that I noticed when I got to the venue was that, all of the tenants and food servers in Mercato were all wearing a purple shirt from Cadbury. I was feeling less adventurous that night and I just had Chicken Teriyaki. We were advised not to get anything for dessert because they say, Cadbury had a surprise for us. A sweet ending that is meant to savor and enjoy.

DJ Gino opened the program, and I love that he acknowledged how everything else in life is rushed: deadlines, meetings, and schedules. So for last night’s event, we took everything lightly and enjoyed the bar of Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolates that they gave away to all the guests. 
Cadbury Dairy Milk is one of the few milk chocolates that I enjoy and love. I love that it is smooth and creamy – that I honestly wouldn’t mind sucking that foil to get the last grime of Cadbury chocolate.

 I don’t know how you enjoy and eat your chocolate, but I sometimes eat and bite like it is a popcorn. Cadbury taught us how to best enjoy our Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate.

1. First, rip the exquisite royal purple packaging and golden foil. Cadbury uses foil to prevent it from melting.
2. Take a bite, and listen to its snapping sound. What a joy!
3. The favorite part.. Mmm-melt it and experience the chocolate play and tease your palate.
4. Then enjoy the sweet and creamy goodness.


When we got the chance to do the ritual and enjoyed Cadbury, balloons and confetti started popping in the venue!

The #CadburySweetEndings didn’t end with that, Cadbury showed us the sequel of the Cadbury Smooth Move commercial. 

It was smooth, sweet and fun!
We were also joined by the chosen barkada who won in an IG contest

Just as we thought it was the end of the event, we were surprised when they announced that Barbie Almabis would serenade us! I love, love this girl! She never age and her songs would always rock! It was a sweet night!
The sweetest ending and smoothest surprise was when Ely Buendia took the stage with Pupil and gave a rousing performance! That was indeed a #CadburySweetEndings!
Thank you Cadbury for the sweet night! I love that we can easily have a bar of sweet goodness whenever we order from our favorite food chains like McDonald’s, Bon Chon Chicken and KFC. Don’t forget that you can also indulge with Dairy Queen Blizzard’s Cadbury Dairy Milk Fruit & Nut.

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