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Brew Awesome Music with Gear4 Espresso Portable Bluetooth Speaker

August 5, 2014

Remembering the first speakers we had with our computer, it was a pair of white bulky speakers that came with our computer set. That’s where music of the 90s were played.

Today, speakers come in various sizes, shapes and colors. The portable ones even come wireless and bluetooth enabled making music and road trips a sweeter journey. Take a look at this new Gear4 Espresso Portable Speakers I received from Digits Trading (thank you Digits Trading! I love how they used the word “family”!). It is sure quirky and cute. Now let’s see how powerful this little monster is.
Unboxing the Gear4 Espresso Bluetooth Speakers

The box comes with the portable espresso speaker
USB cable
Gear4 Espresso Bluetooth Speakers Design
The size of the espresso speaker is a bit bigger than your usual espresso cup!
Too cute!
The sound would come from this tiny speaker and it does give a boombox 
effect when you play loud bass music.

The power switch is at the bottom. I did a quick look of the curves and surface
of the mug, but failed to locate it. I had to consult the manual before I even break a piece
trying to push buttons and clips.

The handle opens up (which I initially thought was the power button!) 
allowing you to hook it to your favorite bag (or bike?). That’s how it defines portability!
Look at how cute it looks hanging in a backpack from Anna Bags
I think this speaker is bulky even if it is small, but one need not worry
about packing it inside your bag because you can simply keep it dangling like a cute accessory.
Charging up you Gear4 Espresso Speaker is as easy as plugging it to any 
USB enabled device. The battery can last up to 3 hours of continuous play.
Gear4 Espresso Bluetooth Speakers Connectivity

The Gear4 Espresso can easily be connected via Bluetooth.  Simply turn on the Bluetooth connectivity of the device and Gear4 Espresso will connect with the blue light on steady. You will hear a busy tone when the Bluetooth connection gets disconnected with the LED light blinking. 

Now we are ready to play some good music.
The Gear4 Espresso Bluetooth Speaker has no built-in volume control, and music volume can be controlled directly through the connected device. It produces crisp and loud sound, with enhanced bass tone. An impressive quality for its size and make. True to its name, the Gear4 Espresso can keep your spirit and energy up and pumping!
Adam Lavine – Lost Stars
Gear4 Espresso Bluetooth Speakers comes in 5 yummy colors with a sweet price of Php1,350.  Available at Astrovision, Astroplus, Istudio, Mobile 1, Beyond the Box, Digital Hub Burgos, iStore, District 32, iGig, Technoholics, and Digital Walker.
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