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Calculate Your Electricity Consumption via Meralco MOVE App

August 5, 2014

If we can predict our monthly electrical consumption, do you think we can manage our electricity bills wisely? Maybe, it might help to know how much our usage of each appliance would cost us per hour, per day, per week or even per month.

One need not be a mathematician or a fortuneteller to find out, because Meralco has a solution for that – the new Meralco Move app. MeralcO Virtual Engine (MoVE), an iOS and Android-friendly app that allows consumers to have more power over their monthly electric bill allowing consumers to compute their power consumption based on their appliances’ cost per hour and length of use per day and week.


To make us more familiar with the app, Meralco invited selected bloggers to play the game with Madame Giselle (the very bubbly Giselle Sanchez). They prepared a MATH-inik like questions that tested one’s problem-solving skills and analysis.

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I love, love Giselle Sanchez! She’s so fun, bubbly and a natural!

Why do I have this feeling that Madame Giselle is also Giselle Sanchez.. 
Hmm… Haha!
For the Aquarians like me, check this out. 
Meralco introduced horoscope videos starring Madame Giselle, a fortune teller who identifies the electricity-wasting bad habits of each Zodiac sign and gives advice on how the MoVE app can help them. Watch the videos on Meralco’s YouTube channel.

The questions during the contest asked for hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly consumption which we needed to compute based on the variables provided – like monthly bills, wattage, type of appliance, hours use, daily or monthly usage.

I have to tell you it was nerve-wracking when my name was called! I have never competed on any math contests (I am not like my sisters who always represented their schools!). When it was my turn, the problem/question became more complicated (like instead of giving the exact hours, they provided it in minutes!).

Using the Meralco Move app, you just need to select the type of appliance, enter the monthly bill, adjust the wattage, and select the frequency of use and with a quick push of a button, it would show the hourly, daily, weekly and monthly use. Since there are four figures, I needed to be careful with what to input int he computer. I was actually tied with RockstarMomma, and upon verification with control team, it was verified that I entered the correct answer first. Yay! Thank you to the technical team who also played like a coach to me 🙂

So what have I got for winning? An induction cooker! Wohooo! Something that would help us save more in electricity! Thank you Meralco! I feel so proud of myself for winning this! Haha

Meralco Move app is easy to use. Aside from the Calculator (used in the contest), that lets us forecast the electrical consumption when buying an appliance or simply know how much an appliance costs to operate, Meralco Move also features the following:

  • Usage – tracks your electrical consumption in real time, by adding your appliances and switch them on and off in the app as you would use them at home.
  • Directory – easily find the Meralco branch or Bayad Center nearest you.
  • Information – notifications on power interruptions, scheduled maintenance or Meralco events. Very helpful especially during calamities and power outrages. 
  • Bright Ideas – I love this section because it provides helpful tips for your home on how to conserve electricity presented in a fun way. 
  • E-Bill – this feature delivers your Meralco bill online for convenience
I have yet to play with the other sections of the Meralco Move, but I really like the Calculator app. It lists all the appliances and entertainment gadgets one may have at home, and categorized based on its function. You even have the option to adjust the wattage based on your appliance. 

I am glad that Meralco came up with this app to help consumers manage their consumption and bills. Thank you for inviting us, and for introducing us to this new and improved Meralco Move app. 

Have I mentioned that we used Samsung Note 3 during the game? Well, 4 lucky bloggers got to take home these phones via raffle! Hmp! I wish you could taste the bitter flavor in this blogpost! Haha Well, their names were not just picked, they had to answer really tough questions!


And hey, I should not be feeling sad afterall, I got to take home a new Philips Induction Cooker. In here, with the other winners from the table. Looks like all of us in the table won something from Meralco! Thank you for the awesome night!
(PS. The photo below shows how lovingly I enjoyed dinner that night ;))

Please do check out the Meralco Move by downloading it through Apple Store and Google Play. For details, visit

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