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Online Tools for Bloggers and Writers

August 1, 2014

When my friends asked me how I become a blogger, I just tell them I just started writing my stories and I learn everyday. Nowadays one can virtually learn anything from the internet. Kids and people with no formal schooling or training were able to demonstrate new skills based on something that they have watched on YouTube (take for example, the loombands craze! where I and my niece use Youtube to learn more designs!). This only shows that with determination and the right tools everyone can learn how to be productive in the internet. Aspiring bloggers and writers can take advantage of the opportunities available on the web to hone their craft and manage their online pages more efficiently.Here is a quick look at online tools that can benefit bloggers and writers.

Image Credit: Jordi Labanda

The first thing that bloggers and writers need is a platform where they can showcase their work. This can be addressed by blog services from WordPress, square space, blogger, and other service providers. Simply find one that can meet your requirements for blog design tools, feature management, help & support and promotion. Once you have your platform running, you can write and publish as much as you want. If you need help in capturing, organizing and compiling your ideas then Index Card can do the trick for you. This online tool is basically a corkboard writing app that can help you become more organized and efficient in your writing tasks.

Those who would like to write about trending topics can check out Diigo, Topsy and Google trends. These tools can help you find topics that interest people across the globe and write about them on your blogsite. In cases wherein articles or essays would need citation, then you can avail of the services of As soon as you are ready to publish you work, you can simply post them on your blogsite or avail of self publishing services. Online sites like Authonomy, Google Books, Kindle Direct publishing, and Movellas can help you launch your writing career without having to shell out money for

I hope you find this article helpful. Will try to blog and share more about blogging next time.

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