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Princess Hazel Salon and Spa Hair Treatment Experience

August 23, 2014

Castles with velvety couches and golden bannisters – they are majestic to look at but I never imagined myself sitting on a throne, wearing a crown and calling myself a princess. If I were a princess, I am probably one who always break the rules, and run to the garden to meet with other princesses to have a little more fun outside a glistening castle. I were probably wearing a boots under my petticoat and princess gown.

Yesterday, we met a Princess named Hazel, and she invited us over to her castle nestled in a building somewhere in Quezon Avenue. Didn’t occur to me a castle in a cosmopolitan city exists! I was awed! Interestingly, her castle is more than a showcase of fancy seats and golden trimmings, it is a salon and spa haven.

Welcome to Princess Hazel Salon and Spa!

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Princess Hazel salon is owned by the very pretty Hazel Uy. She is a graduate of Hotel and Restaurant Management but always love pampering. By pampering she meant, nail spa services (manicure and pedicure), eyebrow threading, hair treatment, body massage and scrub, waxing, hair extensions and IPL services! These are the services that you can avail from Princess Hazel Salon and Spa.

From the receiving area down to the massage rooms, you would instantly know you are entering a different kind of royal experience.

Nail Spa Station
 I have been to several nail spas which provide shabby chic interiors with warm colors and comfortable couches. Princess Hazel raised the bar to royal pampering with fancy throne-like seats, in royal blue and gold. Scattered around the spa are crowns that one can wear while having a good day pampering to make you feel like a real princess. Princess Hazel uses top-of-the-line nail polishes like OPI and Zoya.
Massage Rooms
The second level of the royal kingdom is dedicated to massage rooms. I love the heavy curtains that work like a divider to two single beds perfect for couples.
IPL/Waxing Rooms
I love that Princess Hazel Salon has everything that a woman would need for a day’s pampering. Their hair stylish Joseph shared that there are some guests who would really spend their whole day in the salon to get all these pampering and beauty treatments.
Hair Salon Room
The hair salon room is deviation from the royal theme. It spells Hollywood! But don’t forget the fancy crowns all over the dresser.
My Princess Hazel Hair Spa Experience
I was a bit torn on what services to try. There are so many choices! I have finally decided on having a hair treatment. I was still torn if I should get my curls back or go for straighter hair.. As a preparation for the treatment that I am planning to take (be it digiperm, or Brazilian rebond), they suggested that I get a hair spa to treat my colored hair. I obliged.
I kept on delaying my visit to a hair salon because I felt that 3 to 4 hours of hair treatment is such a waste of time. It bores me to be confined in a salon that smells like hair products. It felt like going to a hospital (do you also feel the same?). But Princess Hazel Salon and Spa changed my views about hair treatment sessions. It is such a treat to stay in this royal kingdom where you get privacy and special treatment (free back massage included!). Plus, I love their hair spa treatment because it has a cooling effect on my hair and scalp. Truly relaxing!
Tadah..!! My hair felt lighter! Wohoo..
Now, I am convinced to get a shorter and straight hair style.
 So happy with my Princess Hazel Hair Spa Treatment! Thank you, Hazel!
What I truly love about the Princess Hazel Salon and Spa?
  It is accessible from Manila and EDSA
 Offers different pampering services from nail spa to hair treatments and IPL services.
 Super nice, friendly staff
 They always have exciting promos!
 Super relaxing ambiance! 🙂
 Everyone is a princess in Princess Hazel!
 Free WIFI!
Here are the services and pricelist!
Princess Hazel Location Map
Don’t forget to bring ID and sign in at the reception area of the building 🙂
Taking off the crown, and being just me 😉
Do you also want to be a Princess for a day?
Princess Hazel Salon & Spa
 Unit 203, 1472-1476 Pacific Century Tower, Quezon Ave.,
 Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines
 (02) 294-5819; 0916-559-5222

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