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Resting For a While

August 12, 2014

I am not afraid of death, and I feel that I am ready for it to come anytime. Sometimes, I even take steps closer to it, as if I am curious how it would feel to come near it.

What I am afraid is losing someone. A realization that hit me yesterday. My aunt that I am closest to passed away yesterday morning. She was a strong person. She always told us how she would live 120 years, when deep inside she was hurting. Every person who knows her thinks she looked younger than her age. She was 83, but you see no lines on her face. Maybe just laugh lines. And even if we were expecting she would soon leave us, it just didn’t occur to me that it is this soon.

Image Credit: Jordi Labanda

I would miss her. I would miss seeing her in the church where she would always greet me with a smile and tell me how I look great in whatever dress I am wearing. Though I know she is in the happier place now, part of me gets more afraid of tomorrow.Tomorrow when the people I am closer to would soon meet death.

We wouldn’t know when is the last time we would see our loved ones, and I am just hopeful that soon we would all see each other again. I hope it is that soon. See you soon, Tita Reggie. 

PS. Just read online that Robin Williams passed away this morning. A sad thought to know that a person who once made you laugh and made your childhood much more fun has gone. I look at his pictures and why do I feel the sadness in his eyes? #RIPRobinWilliams

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