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Taters at 20: Le Grand Style

August 29, 2014

When your movie date stood you up, there is always Taters to save your day. Just snack on their chips and popcorn, and you would be okay (I hope). Taters is one of the country’s favorite snack joints present in most movie theaters in the country and it is celebrating its 20th anniversary with a larger than life celebration.

Larger than life celebration means taking a dip in to a Taters Popcorn! This is just one of the attractions in the Le Grand 20 celebration held yesterday at Trinoma Activity Center to kick off the festive celebration.

Click Read More to see what other fun activities Taters has prepared for its 20th anniversary!

When I got inside the Activity Center, the Popcorn Dive was the first attraction that caught my eye. Erase that, it was actually these tall brothers that I instantly spotted!

What I wore that Day:
Dress: Terranova
Denim Top: GTW
Shoes: Converse

The Popcorn Dive very much reminds me of typical barrio fiest where people crowd on to an attraction – wishing and waiting for it to drop in a cold water. The attraction is usually a mermaid. I wish I had a shiny tail that I could wiggle while I sat inside the “popcorn machine” (I only got my favorite pair of Converse!).

While I sat inside, part of me didn’t want to dive, part of me wanted the agony to end. So many people tried their luck in knocking me down by throwing a baseball to a target that would trigger my seat to fall. I felt powerful and unbeatable, haha.

Until I reached the final level of thrill I wanted, I asked them to finally pull the trigger, and I dropped!

That was fun!!! Haha.

There were different booths set-up in the activity center where one could play a game and earn tickets which they could exchange for Taters goodies!

Here’s #iamdoll Rhea doing the Onion Ring Toss!
Nice to finally meet you gurl!
Look at these cute Taters Dolls!
If you think that playing games and interacting with fun mimes around the festive fair is tiring, you bet. But Taters snacks booths were everywhere too! You could indulge in unlimited chips, fries, popcorn, hotdog sandwiches and drinks!
´╗┐As I enjoyed my popcorn and wandered at the grand celebration, it made me wonder how Taters started. 20 years ago, Ms. Annie Tanchanco opened the first Taters stall located in a cramped mall space measuring only 8.5 sq m. The store initially carried 3 products – popcorn, peanuts and fries. During the time, there are no branded food outlets in cinemas, just the generic popcorn concessionaires. The Taters was then born, being the first branded entertainment snack store.
Through innovation, they added other snack items and wide selection of dips, including healthy choices such as Tofu Chips and Tuna Mushroom sandwich. Currently, Taters has 23 outlets.
Taters has more reason to celebrate with the new achievement – Taters is an awardee of Philippine Quality Challege II. The Philippine Quality Challenge offers small medium enterprises an opportunity to be part of the Philippine Quality Awards that recognizes organization improvement and performance excellence on a national level to achieve world-class standards comparable to the Malcolm Baldridge National Quality Award of the US and those in Europe and Asia.
Amazingly, Taters received the recognition on the first year of application. Congratulations!
The celebration continued yesterday with amazing performances of world-class carnival show mixed with modern opera singing.
Ms. Annie Tanchanco recognized the employees, suppliers and supporters of Taters

The celebration ended with a loud bang, as guests popped a paper bag of Taters! Cute!
Thank you Taters Enterprises for having us, thank you blogger friends
for a fun afternoon!
Taters 20th Anniversary didn’t end yesterday. A nationwide mall tour will be set in motion from months of September to November. The Le Grand Booth will feature an augmented reality snack game people can enjoy, plus FREE snacks will be served. Watch out for it. Connect with for more details!
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