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The Marshall Stanmore Brown

August 4, 2014
Amplifiers remind me of rockstars. That’s a weird association that I have established in my braincells. But that’s a good connection, I think. Think of the loud, crazy noises that most rockstars create and the amplified sound that they produce with their guitars. 
We don’t have a rockstar at home, well I think we have (my brother is a self-proclaimed rockstar), so expect that we have a fancy amplifier in the house that make a good display at home. I was in the Beyond the Box last weekend and saw this Marshall Amplifier.
Marshall Headphones, together with Marshall Amplification, proudly presents the release of a longed for edition to the successful and already cult-declared speaker Stanmore.

Looks like this is the newly released Marshall Stanmore edition in iconic Brown.  Stanmore Brown moves Marshall’s heritage of big stage performance out of the arena into your personal space.
With its characteristic script logo, vinyl casing and vintage-inspired fret grille cloth, it is an instant rock classic. Its compact size makes it a perfect fit for those smaller spaces you need to fill with big sound. 
The Stanmore Brown is right at home with the rest of the Marshall collection Smart in size and never subtle in sound, the Stanmore Brown is a compact active stereo speaker that yields clean and precise audibility even at high levels. The analogue interaction knobs give you custom control of your favorite 
music, designed to attain that trademark Marshall tone. 
Inspires by Marshall’s vintage acoustic amplifiers, Stanmore Brown is a throwback to the golden days of Rock ‘n’ Roll.
I wish to buy one for my brother but unfortunately it is not on sale. 🙂 The new Stanmore Brown is now available at Php 19,950 at Astrovision, Astroplus, Beyond the Box, Digital  Hub, Digital Walker, E-central, Egghead, iCenter, iStudio, JMB Albay Gadgets, Listening Room,  Mobile 1, Quicksound, Switch, and Urban Superior.
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