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Shiseido Showed Me My Real Skin Age

August 23, 2014

What is your skin age? I am sure you have taken random tests online that ask about your lifestyle and the kind of food that you eat. If you want to know your real skin age, and your moisture level, head on over to your nearest Shiseido Store. They have this special gadget that can test your real skin age, and from there, you would know how to correct (or maintain) it with the selection of their skin care products.

The result would show your moisture level (normal of 70 – up) and your skin age. I was surprised with the result that was presented to me! It appears that my skin doesn’t have the moisture level it needs. I thought since I have an oily skin, I have abundant moisture in my skin. My life is a big lie! On a happier note, my skin age is younger than my real age 🙂 I am not announcing the figures. 🙂

Ms. Carmel Rivadelo-Villongco, Training Manager and Chief Makeup Artist for Shiseido explained how moisture and oiliness differ from one another, and how it is important to moisturize your skin even if you have oily skin (I do!) That, and other interesting things that an aging woman need to know.

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It was funny that in our group yesterday, mommy grannie has the highest moisture level of skin at the age of 80 plus! That’s truly impressive!

I read and write more about skin care products and anti-aging treatments more often now, because it is inevitable. It is my future, whether I like it or not. The good news is Shiseido has variety of skin care products and regimen that one can use depending on her/his needs.
Presenting the skin care line that addresses both anti-aging and whiteningShiseido Vital Perfection. This product/set is perfect for Asian skin who wants to achieve whiter and youthful-looking skin. Shiseido’s regimen basically composed of the 3-step (washing – toning – moisturizing), but, the toning step is replaced by softening, for which Shiseido’s products are designed to open up our skin for the next step – moisturize.
Ms. Carmel shared that we must also smell the products that we use.
I love that Shiseido’s products doesn’t smell too clinical. It is smelling good, but not too strong.
A bonus make-up tutorial by Ms. Carmel!
Other skin care tips and make-up techniques I have learned from Shiseido:
Always start applying moisturizers in the cheeks, and spread evenly in the face.
Excess products can be applied in the neck (another skin area that shows signs of aging)
Always smell the products that you use, this would also give you an idea if the product is still good for use.  
♥  It is always good to apply primers and creams on thin layers to prevent from breaking/scaling.
Shiseido has variety of make-up perfect for blending that would help you achieve a natural-look (that I need to explore!)
Shiseido suggests using Shiseido’s very own make-up brush (the design is originally Shiseido’s!) that is perfect for blending, contouring and applying make-up. I got to try this and it is not painful and rough on the skin!
Now, regarding staying youthful and keeping our skin healthy, here’s a new revolutionary product from Shiseido.. TENEN! The Shiseido Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate.
It is a product on its own, not a serum, moisturizer or what-not. It helps skin multi-defensive power against signs of aging, environmental factors and daily stress.
Ms. Carmel brags that even the shape and packaging is a beauty on its own.
The bottle contains years of research.
What does the Shiseido Ultimune promise?
Shiseido’s exclusive Ultimune Complex helps boost defensive functions that have declined in Langerhans Cells, the cells that hold the key to promoting skin’s multi-defensive power. Now your skin can achieve its greatest beauty potential.

Immediately, skin feels full and supple, with a silky-smooth surface.
In one week, skin appears to glow more than ever.
In 4 weeks: firmness and resilience are improved, making wrinkles less visible.
Apply morning and night after cleansing and softening the face. When using other serums, apply Ultimune first to enhance the benefits of the following treatments.

The Shiseido Ultimune is scheduled to launch on September 1st. The generous people from Shiseido gave us sample of this wonder product! Yay, excited to try this 🙂
Visit Shiseido Store and check out the wonderful skin care products they have for different skin types. The staff is really accommodating so please don’t be intimated. They hold special workshops to their regular customers (like the one I attended yesterday), so make sure that you follow
PS. I love, love the Shiseido Ibuki Eye Cream. Review and feature soon! 🙂
 Are you a Shiseido fan? What products do you currently use for anti-aging?
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