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Win a Dozen Peanut Butter Cups from Elle’s Kitchen!

August 7, 2014

Baking pans, piping bags and wire whisk. They used to be my friends. I would like to think they are still my friends, even if I spend most of the time now with my keyboard, mouse and Lenovo Yoga. I used to bake alot. I understand baking and the science in it. It is probably that background that made me appreciate bakers more than the baked goodies! Haha. Well honestly, as much as I lovingly indulge in most of cakes and sweet, I also give my silent salute to the bakers who do wonders with oven and whisk. 

Here’s one of the many talented bakers who has my respect – let’s call her Elle, and she stays inside the Elle’s Kitchen! Elle’s Kitchen is made with witty, naughty and fun ingredients, not your usual online bakeshop (look at that wire whisk in the logo!)
Like me, Elle and Elle’s Ktichen want to involve their readers to her craft, and Elle’s Kitchen wants you to win a dozen Peanut Butter Cups by helping her name her lovely baked creation.

Click Read More to know more how to win a dozen Peanut Butter Cups from Elle’s Kitchen!

  1. Think of the wittiest, naughtiest, sexiest, or yummiest name for Elle’s Kitchen’s new treat.
  2. Post your name suggestions on the comments section of this photo found in their Facebook and Instagram pages.
  3. You can suggest as many names as you want.
  4. We’ll pick the best one, and the winner gets a dozen of these Peanut Butter Cups.
  5. The contest will run from August 3 – 9. Announcement of the winner will be on August 11 through Facebook and Instagram pages.
Have you think of a creative name?
I am joining the contest too, so don’t let me beat you 😉
Of course, review of Elle’s Kitchen’s baked goodies coming up in my blog soon!
PS. You like the poster from Elle’s Kitchen? That’s an artwork by my friend Johann who also does Lomography. If you want to hire him, let me know. We can negotiate. Haha I kid. 🙂 
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