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12 Reasons Why I Love Twelve Cupcakes

September 19, 2014

Moms know best, and I know my mom meant well (and she was honest) when she told me I am gaining extra weight and looking “fat”. The words “slim”, “thin”, “slender” no longer fits me as much as I can no longer fit into most of my clothes.

I tried to stay away from extra calories (and extra rice!). But I am weak, and I could easily give in to the temptation. It didn’t help that I have friends who are also certified foodies and know good food – and where to find them. Two weeks ago, blogger friends and I visited Twelve Cupcakes in SM Mall of Asia. A heaven for most of the cupcakes lovers – I was an instant convert with the first taste of 1 of the 12 cupcakes available that afternoon.

I am not a cupcake person, but I do love cakes (ha, I always go for big servings!). I don’t know why I don’t get overly excited about cupcakes – probably because they look like muffins – and I don’t like muffins that much. Anyway, there are only two cupcake stores I love – The Royal Touch Cupcakes and the Twelve Cupcakes.

Curious why I suddenly fell for Twelve Cupcakes? I listed 12 reasons..

1. Twelve Cupcakes came from Singapore and since its opening last July 2011, the store has already sold 3 million cupcakes! Its owners are couple Daniel Ong and Jamie Teo. Jaime is Ms. Singapore Universe 2011 and is always passionate about baking! I love that she pursued her passion and shares the good love with Twelve Cupcakes’ customers!

2. Cupcakes at Twelve Cupcakes are baked fresh daily. We got to visit thee store (and the kitchen) where all the magic happens. I have seen top of the line products, and raw materials that Twelve Cupcakes uses for every pretty cupcakes on display.

3. I love Twelve Cupcakes’ store interior. Clean, pristine yet unintimidating. The store’s interior is designed by Daniel Ong – a popular voice and face in Singapore.  Plus, Twelve Cupcakes’ logo is simple and classy! (yeah, branding counts!)

4. The name Twelve Cupcakes has an interesting origin – Daniel Ong explains “There are 12 strikes in a bowling pin. There are 12 months, 12 numbers in a clock, plus baking tray has 12 holes. I though Jamie’s cupcakes were perfect and 12 seemed the perfect number”.

5.  I can easily get a Twelve Cupcakes fix – because they have a store in Lucky China Mall! They also have in SM Mall of Asia and Century Mall.

6. Twelve Cupcakes uses fresh ingredients and fruits for their cupcakes.

7.  Twelve Cupcakes sells 12 cupcakes daily plus 3 special cupcakes! When we visited the store, they were offering the Salted Banana Caramel, Raspberry Chocolate and Chocolate Gingersnaps. It seems like you would have reasons everyday to visit the store.

8. The Red Velvet cupcake is one of the best I had! I heard it is also the bestseller in Singapore. I love that the Vanilla Cream Cheese is not overly flavored unlike most of the Red Velvet cupcakes that I have tasted which leaves a sharp aftertaste.

9. Twelve Cupcakes has this Espresso cupcake which is a fluffy, moist cupcake with strong buttercream icing flavor. This got to be my favorite!

10. Twelve Cupcakes is not just for individual indulgence, the store accepts orders for cupcake layers, or buy the beautifully crafted fondant cake toppers and cut-outs (with designs for weddings, birthdays and baptism) to go with your cupcake.

11. The elegant pink box is just perfect with the cupcakes! What a beautiful gift if you are clueless or running out of ideas what to give to a co-worker, sibling or even significant other. A dozen cupcakes is better than a dozen flowers! 🙂

12. Each cupcake is beautifully done. They deserve a space in your Instagram!


Cookies and Creamlove the Oreo crumbles in it!

Mocha – chocolate + cream cheese + chocolate!
Vanilla Chocolate 

PB Chocolate – another favorite! It is smooth peanut butter cupcake!

Nutella – everything nutella from cupcake to frosting!

Chocolate Chocolate – that is not a typo! This is chocolate overload!
 Strawberry Chocolate

Mudslide – I don’t usually fancy cupcakes with marshmallows on top
because I felt they are pretentious – Haha But this one has a bigger surprise!
Take a bite!

Nutella Banana – I love the hint of Banana in this moist cupcake

Red Velvet – need I say more?

Chocolate Salted Caramel

 Now I have come to appreciate cupcakes more.. I can indulge with sweet cravings in small quantities (or maybe not, because they are so good and accessible!). Cupcakes are sold at Php85 each. A bit pricey (says my friend), but I think it is worth the occasional indulgence for a fresh, quality cupcake.

I hope the store will start offering teas or coffee for the guests. 🙂

Have you tried Twelve Cupcakes?
What’s your favorite?
and here’s what Twelve Cupcakes can do to you..
Photo taken by Ryan San Juan

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