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September 7, 2014

A Day with Elders and Jollibee

I would count a million years before I become a granny. It is a crazy thought. Something that popped in my thought bubbles today that it is Grandparents Day. I wrote a little tribute to my lola over here, and I could only wish she were with us yesterday as we visited the Philippine Veterans Office and spent a good time with Veterans and elders.

It was actually a treat that was prepared by Jollibee. A simple get-together to pay tribute to our elders. It seemed like a kids party, especially when Jollibee arrived!


I am not fond of mascots or cartoons, BUT, there is something charismatic about Jollibee. He knows how to bring joy to any occasion - and to bring a smile to anyone - no matter how old or young you are. He is so adorable!
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Jollibee kissed the elders and paid respect - by doing the traditional "mano". He then started serving the elders! Too cute! I was really touched, especially upon seeing the elders smile.

Oh and yes, we had spaghetti & chicken joy!
Bloomfields also joined us and treated the elders with the Beatles songs! Super cool!
You guys should see this video. Prepare to cry..
Truly touching right? This is the first time I encountered Jollibee outside a kiddie party, and I have witnessed how adorable and fun he is. He is like a real person. He is more than a mascot and an icon. Thank you Jollibee for making the elders happy, and for bringing joy to the kids in us! :)

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