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Electrolux Save & Share: Tips on Buying a Washing Machine & Managing Laundry Costs

September 13, 2014

It is weekend once again, and although I usually dedicate weekends to doing the laundry and housekeeping, this weekend might be a little different. I might spend more time in front of my laptop because I have so much stories to share with you.

Housekeeping wouldn’t be set aside, because this post is afterall about housekeeping and laundry. Last month, Electrolux launched two amazing campaigns – #SimpletoShare and #SimpletoSave which aim to help moms save not just money but also their precious time by making their everyday tasks delightfully simple and easy.

The launch didn’t end with good meal and amazing raffles, they tapped bloggers to host an Electrolux Save & Share Blog Series. It is a web series where 10 of the top entertainment and lifestyle bloggers in the country get to ask Electrolux brand ambassadors Cheska Garcia Kramer, Chef Rosebud Benitez, Chef Bruce Lim and Mommy Mundo’s Janice Villanueva about creative yet effective ways to save household expenses and sharing blessings to others.

And yes, I am one of the 10 bloggers for the Electrolux Save and Share Blog Series!

So last month, I asked two of my friends (one is newly married, and the other just recently got engaged) if they want to shoot some questions. One who is planning to buy a washing machine asked interesting questions. I got to ask Electrolux Brand Ambassadors Chef Rosebud Benitez and Janice Villanueva, and they shared their insights (and tips!).

Click Read More to read what Chef Rosebud and Janice have to say…

What to look for in a washing machine? What are the things you consider when choosing a washing machine? How important is it to get a washing machine that is right for your household’s needs?

Janice: Criteria would be: Brand, Capacity, Energy Consumption, Functionalities.

  • First choose a brand that is dependable, durable and provides good customer service.
  • Choose a model with the right capacity for your family. Getting one that is too big is a waste or resources and space, getting one too small will cause you to spend more time and energy on laundering.
  • Energy consumption is key because of electricity costs these days, you would not want your laundering costs to add to that Meralco bill. Some think that a fully automated machine (washer+dryer) as opposed to a (washer+spinner) will cause a spike in energy usage at home but I find that it actually doesn’t!
  • Extra functionalities such as a load alarms to allow you to maximize loads, vapor action to remove allergens, are great bonuses.

Chef Rosebud: I consider the durability of the brand and the functions that should fit our lifestyle.

I agree with Chef Rosebud that one should consider lifestyle. I think buying a new appliance is much like buying a new gadget or smartphone. If we don’t need certain functions, better go with something simpler.

How do you manage your laundry expenses (water, electricity, detergent, etc)? What tips can you share to make sure that you don’t spend much for laundry without sacrificing wash quality?


  • We schedule laundry day twice a week, max of 3x. Ive had my share of OC helpers who cant stand see a growing pile of laundry and wants to wash clothes almost every day. It actually sounds like a great idea but the downside is that she would launder clothes even if the load was not full and this is a waste of electricity.
  • Having a washer-dryer allowed us to save on water. Our old machine was a washer-spinner and the helper would remove the clothes from the spinner and rinse it up to 3x- consuming so much water! That doesn’t even include the last soak with fabric softener. With the washer-dryer, the clothes are spun inside the drum from process to process (wash to spin to fabric softener to dry) so use of water is controlled.
  • We have found the right formula for detergent use and that is to use 2-3 scoops of detergent per 7K load. My husband is sensitive to scents and does not like our clothes smelling to strongly of soap or fabric softener so we have to control the amount used while making sure we use enough to get the clothes clean. For detergent and fab softener, I just monitor the use on a monthly basis. Knowing how many Kg of detergent our household would consume a month, if we run out of supply earlier than usual then the helper is using too much and I would need to check on why this is so.

Chef Rosebud: Well, like for water, we use a rainwater filtration system so we  get to use the rain water for our other needs, like for watering the plants, cleaning the garage, washing of plates and even washing of clothes. And we have a schedule as to how many times in a week we’ll do our laundry. Like for us, we do if just twice a week.

Very interesting stories and tips from super-moms Chef Rosebud and Janice! I love the idea of having a laundry schedule (like for me, I do it every weekend, but mom usually do the laundry for me once she sees the laundry piling up!). I also love the rainwater filtration system. I wish we can all have that in every household.

That’s it for today’s Electrolux Save and Share Blog. If you want to read more tips, you can check out the Electrolux Little Whitebook on facebook: or connect with Electrolux via Twitter and IG: @electroluxph

Stay tuned for the next blog post!

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