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Floral Sarongs

September 30, 2014

Whenever I travel or go to the beach I usually bring a scarf or coverup with me. The coverup is something a lady needs when she wants to leave the water and feel modest. What got me writing about coverups is because of my friend’s journey and search for the new sarong (she lost her ever reliable floral sarong).

We all have different tastes and preferences over design, cloth and length, but these floral sarongs give ladies a chance to feel good when they are walking around in town after they have had a swim.  You just simply throw it inside your beach bag and pull it out if you don’t want to go out in your itsy bitsy bikini.

Floral Patterns

Floral prints always equate with summer. The trick in wearing a floral pattern is to match it with your bikini. The best way for a woman to feel good is to have an outfit that looks great when she walks down the street. The ladies can choose these floral patterns to match their shoes and their swimsuits.

The Longest Sarong

A good, long and floral sarong can work as a swimsuit coverup, a picnic cloth or a stunning wall of art as it embraces a woman’s body. A trip to the beach becomes more meaningful with the display of swimsuit and colorful sarong. I remember back in the days when I would not wear the same clothes or bikini when I already have a picture of it. But of course, I cannot continuously shop and splurge. Sarong does save the day. I personally love longer sarongs (because I am tall and have such long legs!). Sarongs can be worn as a coverup, or you can twist and play with its style and wear like a dress. It can easily be transformed from a beach coverup into a night dress.

Wearing a floral pattern or picture allows ladies to look and feel their best when they go from the beach to the town to shop or have a lovely meal with friends. Most of the people might think it is just a piece of floral cloth, but sarong is considered a wardrobe essential, especially for adventurous beach babes.

What do you think of sarongs?

*Here’s to hoping my friend finds the perfect new floral sarong.

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