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Glasses Online: Shop for Affordable, Authentic Signature Sunglasses Online

September 4, 2014

You might find it a little weird of me to write about my recent purchases (sunglasses!) which is untimely and inappropriate for this stormy, dark weather. But you would understand when you get to read why I am raving! I got to buy 3 awesome sunglasses from Ray Ban and JOJO New York for less than Php 10,000!  It was like paying for only 1 Ray Ban sunnies!

How did that happen? Where do I start?! Okay, one crazy afternoon, I was feeling a bit stressed over backlogs so I started doing the one thing that relaxes me when I am online (window shop – literally looking at online shops through my Windows 8!), and I came across this site which sells signature sunglasses (think Rayban, Oakley, Prada, and other signature brands!) at crazy, crazy prices!

No more searching where to buy cheap authentic ray ban wayfarers or ray ban aviators!

Say hello to (and bookmark!) this new site that offers the lowest prices for signature, authentic sunglasses:

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Before I plunge in to the pool of wide selection of really nice sunglasses and get the cart rolling with purchases, I had to be careful and do a research. I actually contacted the customer service and asked if what they are selling are authentic sunglasses. And I got my answer.. directly gets their stocks from manufacturers in Italy. All products are authentic and brand new.

There is only one way for me to find out if what they are selling are authentic and not imitation. I processed an order online. I kind of miss doing a little fun online shopping so I got two Ray Bans(and even got my brother in to this detective game).

Look at how affordable the pairs are!

There are different views available to check the angles, and measurements. commits to deliver of products within 9 business days. On the 10th day, however, I received a note advising me that there might be a delay in the delivery of products because they were waiting for the new stocks. They committed to deliver on August 29th. Patience is a virtue.

On August 28th, I received the delivery from DHL. Wow! I am impressed! I didn’t need to claim anything from the post office, or pay any additional handling or custom fees!  Yay! This is one of the smoothest online purchases I made!

But, before I even hailed praises to this new site, we had to check the goods..

I got two boxes inside the package. One containing my brother’s purchase, and the other had my Ray Ban’s. Carefully wrapped with bubblewraps! Yup, love it!

I failed to mention that I only paid Php 500 for the Ray Ban Wayfarers! There was a mistake on the pricing (I was notified by the Customer Service) but GlassesOnline still processed the transaction and delivered the item to me! Double yay!

If you are worried about the authenticity of the products delivered (I was too!), I was relieved when I got to inspect the items. I did my research and even checked the local flea market to see fake and imitation Ray Ban sunglasses. 🙂 I also have it checked in authorized re-seller and my purchases got a thumbs up!
The package contains:
(1) Ray Ban box (with serial model number)
(2) leather case
(3) the sunglasses (with iconic Ray Ban logo and RB engraved on the lenses)
(4) Ray Ban booklet (with no typo errors!)
(5) the ICONS booklet. 
Maybe next I should write tips on how to spot fake Ray Bans ? (I am no expert with Ray Bans but I am good at spotting fakes and imitations).

To be honest, I don’t fancy expensive, signature sunglasses. I always go for the affordable ones that I can stash in my bag, bring to the beach and wear anywhere. BUT, since I discovered this new online store that sells really affordable, authentic sunglasses (and delivers on time!), I might as well get myself good sunnies, right?
Part of me doesn’t want to share this because it is like discovering a pot of gold. Hehe. But this blog is all about sharing, so I am sharing the good news to you all!
There is a minimal fee of Php 200 for shipping of items below Php 2,500 purchase, but you get FREE DELIVERY above that amount.
Aside from Ray Ban, GlassesOnline also carries Prada, Gucci, D&G, Police, Chloe, Persol, Giorgio ArmaniVersace, and other designer brands. You can also buy Prescription Glasses and Contact Lenses at affordable prices.
So that’s my little story for you guys tonight. The next time you ask yourself – where to buy cheap, authentic sunglasses online? You know where to go!
PS. If you are asking if the is a legit site, yes it is legit site and it delivers affordable sunglasses with awesome customer service!
What do you think of this new online site?
Have you tried purchasing from Glasses Online?
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  1. Hmmm… Read some reviews about on other blog sites and somehow the stories I've been reading are the exact same thing. You guys have paid Php 500 for those Ray Ban sunglasses. Not to be a downer but now I have doubts purchasing from them. It seem scripted to me.

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